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Melinda Gates, diversity advocates address the long road to equality at SXSW - CNET
What’s next for Trump? Ten days of isolation or the campaign trail?
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Amazon’s best-selling face masks are finally back in stock
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WSJ: FDA vape ban will target fruit flavored pods
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Not a usual week-end for me. I will take a leave of absence from academia and @CNRS, and I am thrilled to join the startup @OWKINscience working on #MachineLearning for medical research. https://t.co/x8HDmX4IJa
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Whole Foods to cut health care for part-time workers
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What Melinda Gates learned from offering a full year of paid family leave to employees
Why would you buy an endoscopic camera for your phone?
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Student-Entrepreneur from Wisconsin Named 2018 Thiel Fellow
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Blue Apron faces lawsuit from former employee who alleges violation of Family and Medical Leave Act
Jawbone rumored to leave wearables, going for medical services instead
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UK patients could wait a year longer for new drugs after Brexit
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Theranos starts 2017 by firing 40 percent of its staff
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Japet’s Atlas device uses exoskeleton technology to relieve and rehabilitate back pain
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I gave myself electric shocks to quit biting my nails — it didn't work
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Overstock CEO Teases 'Historic' Blockchain Announcement
@CoinDesk 5 years ago
Amid Blockchain Securities Push, Overstock CEO Takes Medical Leave
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Overstock.comnCEO, Patrick M. Byrne, takes medical leave of absence via @FortuneMagazine @johnnerkell http://for.tn/1qJtx30?xid=for_tw_sh
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Pressure is mounting for more employers, as well as state governments, to support paid leave.
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RT ObamaClintonY12: #CANADA⬇ECONOMY ON MEDICAL LEAVE★HD∞#TPP⬇#VANPOLI★#BIGDATA★#LNG⬇#FTSE★#NYSE★#LSE★#TSX★#INM#A… http://www.businessinsider.com/r-valeant-ceo-pearson-remains-hospitalized-for-pneumonia-bloomberg-2015-12
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#CANADA⬇ECONOMY ON MEDICAL LEAVE★HD∞#TPP⬇#VANPOLI★#BIGDATA★#LNG⬇#FTSE★#NYSE★#LSE★#TSX★#INM#ANON@wef#FINTECH★#iOThttp://www.businessinsider.com/r-valeant-ceo-pearson-remains-hospitalized-for-pneumonia-bloomberg-2015-12
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According to the Department of Labor, 70 percent of the new fathers who make use of the Family Medical Leave take just ten days or less. (Science of Us)
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BoardRounds Helps Hospitals Follow Up With Patients After They Leave The Emergency Room