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⭕ This lab is almost fully automated and operated by #Robotics. The #automation of medical research could be a key to accelerated drug discovery and treatment options #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #MedTech #HealthTech https://t.co/37VfREpVUZ
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#JobOpportunity Dr Nikolaos Daskalakis' lab at the Center of Excellence in Depression and Anxiety Disorders @McLeanHospital Harvard Medical School is now seeking to fill a #postdoc position in #MachineLearning of stress and neuropsychiatric disease Info: https://www.nature.com/naturecareers/job/postdoctoral-position-in-machine-learning-of-stress-and-neuropsychiatric-disease-mclean-hospital-727755
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Verizon to support 5 firms building 5G-powered tools for EMS workers
@cointelegraph.com 2 months ago
'Americans Are Getting Screwed' With Lab Testing, Says Pomp Interviewee
@MLuczak 2 months ago
12 PhD and post-doc position within the "Leibniz AI Lab" an international future laboratory to work on reliable and responsible AI in personalised medicine. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us. https://leibniz-ai-lab.de/?page_id=867 #phdchat #MachineLearning #ethics
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FDA Approves CRISPR-Based Coronavirus Test
@engadget.com 3 months ago
Stanford University lab repurposes scuba gear into reusable PPE
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Google’s medical AI was super accurate in the lab setting. Real life was a different story. #AI #MachineLearning https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/04/27/1000658/google-medical-ai-accurate-lab-real-life-clinic-covid-diabetes-retina-disease/
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Google admits its diabetic blindness AI fell short in real-life tests
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Google’s #medical #AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story. https://buff.ly/2yKfTpx #fintech #insurtech #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #healthcare @strwbilly @techreview @ahier @psb_dc @terence_mills @pierrepinna @andi_staub https://t.co/vTkrqoyFWK
Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story.
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Another honor for our Interventional Oncology Lab: #medstudent Nathan Chai has received the #RSNA Research Medical Student Grant! Nathan will develop a #MachineLearning model to predict HCC recurrence. Congrats Nathan & team! #futuredoctor @YaleMed @RSNA @dcmadoff @JuliusChapiro https://t.co/UyqV1qryjW
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UW Medicine ramps up new coronavirus lab test; Gates Foundation pledges $5M for detection
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Thrilled to showcase our dedicated lab space at @GustaveRoussy to @girybernard today; here we collaborate closely with medical researchers and spin out AI projects funded by the @iledefrance #Aiforhealth data challenge! #machinelearning #privacypreservation #medicaldiscoveries https://t.co/QXjWnRw8fO
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Lab test results stolen in hack of 15 million patients' records
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Two exciting postdoc positions on #MachineLearning in Medicine in my lab at @ETH Zürich @ Basel, initially for 1 year, supervised by @Pseudomanifold and @Jutzeler_Cathy! Ideally, positions should be started very soon. Thanks for RT! @AGKBorgwardt @ETH_BSSE https://twitter.com/pseudomanifold/status/1197544334222082049
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UCLA now has the first zero-emission, all-electric mobile surgical instrument lab
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Health Records integration now available for US veterans in the Apple Health app
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AI Medical Service raises $42.9 Series B for AI-based software that checks endoscopy scans for signs of cancer
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Novartis, Microsoft to Collaborate to Transform Medicine with AI
@thefastmode.com 10 months ago
Novartis, Microsoft to Collaborate to Transform Medicine with AI
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Microsoft and Novartis team up to transform medicine using AI and data science
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Apple Watch may be able to detect signs of dementia, brain decline
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CDC shuts down military virus lab after failed safety inspection
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Japanese telco giant plants research lab flag in Silicon Valley - CNET
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MIT AI tool can predict breast cancer up to 5 years early, works equally well for white and black patients
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Verizon 5G lab tunes up robots and medical tech heading your way - CNET
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Microbiome testing startup faces FBI investigation over billing
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Nvidia wants AI Clara to be the AI platform for radiologists
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Lab-grown blood vessels could make dialysis easier
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GenCure Plans Adult Stem Cell Lab at San Antonio “Innovation Center”
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Tencent’s New Medical #AI Lab Targets Parkinson’s https://buff.ly/2UxfSvA v/ @Synced_Global #HealthTech #DigitalHealth #MachineLearning #DeepLearning Cc @evankirstel @ahier @IrmaRaste @JohnNosta @SpirosMargaris @psb_dc @guzmand @DeepLearn007 @andi_staub @TamaraMcCleary https://t.co/PTgcm98sZB
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Tencent’s New Medical #AI Lab Targets Parkinson’s https://buff.ly/2UxfSvA v/ @Synced_Global #HealthTech #DigitalHealth #MachineLearning #DeepLearning Cc Cc @evankirstel @ahier @IrmaRaste @JohnNosta @SpirosMargaris @psb_dc @guzmand @DeepLearn007 @andi_staub @TamaraMcCleary https://t.co/UPiQumr9HS
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Congratulations to Kiret Dhindsa, a post-doctoral fellow in #MachineLearning and #AI in our lab, on his recent presentation at Canada Medical Education's 12th Annual Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Course! @McMasterSurgery @MacHealthSci https://t.co/urv3bqKll3
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Lab-grown eyes explain how a baby's vision develops in the womb
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Camels, #Code & Lab Coats: How #AI Is Advancing #Science and #Medicine https://buff.ly/2zn2f9C #fintech #insurtech #healthcare #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #robotics @ahier @Ronald_vanLoon @jblefevre60 @pierrepinna @JohnSnowai @psb_dc @antgrasso https://t.co/NNFjz9Vsvx
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CB Therapeutics’ lab-grown cannabinoids could unlock new medicines and make others affordable
@engadget.com 2 years ago
Scientists successfully transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs
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Exciting new precision and genomic medicine #postdoc position open in our lab. Come join a fun, collaborative, and dynamic team at #MGH working on #PrecisionMedicine #BigData #psychiatric #genomics and #risk prediction! Added bonus: winter in Boston! Please RT https://t.co/VsXZVXL11l
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Lab-made embryos may save near-extinct rhino species
@xconomy.com 2 years ago
CRISPR Risks? Researchers Stoke Fears of Cancer in Gene-Edited Cells
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We're delighted to announce the launch of 2 new #OnlineLearning #DataScience Courses funded by The Data Lab, with more great courses coming soon. *Funding available* for development of further online courses. More info: http://ow.ly/Jxc930jFHiK #Data #datascimed #MOOC #medicine https://t.co/2ZTRCAxWN7
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This Ikea magazine ad is also a pregnancy test
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The first autonomous drone network will fly above Switzerland starting next month
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Labster raises $10 million to bring virtual lab simulations to more science students
@WIRED 2 years ago
Researchers are optimistic that this feat of tissue engineering will bring about a sea change in basic brain research, disease modeling and personalized ...
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Doctor On Demand launches “in app” lab testing referr
@theverge.com 3 years ago
Lab-made tadpole cyclopes could help with human organ transplants