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The Withings ScanWatch knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake, but not why
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MIT #AI system knows when to make a #MedicalDiagnosis or defer to an expert https://yhoo.it/3fukPy9 #fintech #insurtech #healthcare #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning @cfisherwrites @engadget @MIT_CSAIL @ahier @Ronald_vanLoon @DioFavatas @SabineVdL @KMcDTech https://t.co/dvDjtkV22w
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MIT AI system knows when to make a medical diagnosis or defer to an expert
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Chad is one of those rare people who expertly knows #gene technologies from the Human Genome Project to today. It is a pleasure to design and generate new data modalities with him and apply #MachineLearning to #smartdata to understand #cellbehavior for developing #medicines https://twitter.com/cellaritybio/status/1205554443275636736
New cardiology A.I. knows if you’ll die soon. Doctors can’t explain how it works
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CDC warns against vaping until it figures out what’s making people sick
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Cannabis processing startups hope to unlock new chemicals and treatments
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Abdominal etching gives you the six-pack workouts might not deliver
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Alphabet is exploring smart shoes that know when you fall
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D Free knows when it’s time to pee
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Iowa grant program helps med tech startups stay local
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Healthcare giant Philips finally introduces smart gadgets to track your wellness
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The Apple Watch is now an SOS button and medical ID bracelet
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Nintendo is considering building restaurants and medical devices, and that worries me
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With EmoWatch your Apple Watch knows if you are :) or :(
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Buzzwords in medicine:"If you want a study to be funded, mention the word #bigdata -nobody knows what it actually means", Cowie #ESCcongress
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A super-computing cluster is busily whirring away at the University of Washington—supported by more than $100 million in funding from the Gates Foundation—crunching ...
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Box paid out $3.8M in stock to buy MedXT
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Facebook plans to add your health to the things it knows about you