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Listen to @CNS_update journal club podcast featuring the study on #DeepLearning & #neurosurgery #outcomes by @LurieChildrens peds neurosurgery faculty @sandi_lam @MikeDeCuypereMD & @NUFeinbergMed medical student team @NathanShlobin Jonathan Huang #AI #DataScience @NeurosurgeryNM https://twitter.com/NeurosurgeryNM/status/1491552518899392515
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Overstock CEO: Crypto Investments Are Ready for Prime Time
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A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade
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First up at our Meetup is our very own data scientist, Jonathan Gerrand, with his talk: Medical Imaging within Africa: A prescription for promise or a poor prognosis? #datascience #machinelearning #medicalimaging https://t.co/38Rr3VXnIy
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Don’t Worry, Overstock’s New CEO Is Already ‘Drunk on Bitcoin’s Kool-Aid’
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AI and Machine Learning in Medicine with Jonathan Chen Read more here: https://ift.tt/2DrTWMO #MachineLearning #ML #DataScience #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #AI #IoT #BigData
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Medici Ventures’ Jonathan Johnson is “baffled” So Few Retailers Accept Bitcoin
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Overstock's New Blockchain President Vows to Accelerate 'Fight Against Wall Street”
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Overstock Taps New Lead for Medici Blockchain Project
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Deep learning might help you get an ultrasound at Walgreens
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Jonathan Rothberg’s Butterfly Network has raised $100M for medical imaging tech