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Issues with Transfer Learning for Medical Image Recognition @EdVenture9 @jeancayeux @bimedotcom @Khulood_Almani @EvaSmartAI @sallyeaves @danfiehn @DrJDrooghaag @tobiaskintzel @chidambara09 @sonu_monika @mikeflache #MachineLearning #100daysofcode https://arxiv.org/abs/2101.05913 https://t.co/pkWOFpOz7V
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#AI-produced images can’t fix diversity issues in #dermatology #databases https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/11/22971207/dermatology-ai-diversity-skin-tone-synthetic-images?utm_campaign=theverge&utm_content=entry&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter #TechForGood #MWC22 #javascript #NLP #DataScience #Flutter #serverless #sensors #100DaysOfCode #python #Wearable #womenintech #publichealth #femtech #tech #medicine #digitalhealth
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Family Dollar Issues Recall Over Rodent Infestation - CNET
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#Infographics highlight #ethical issues ‘on the horizon’ in biology & medicine https://www.nuffieldbioethics.org/news/new-infographic-highlights-ethical-issues-on-the-horizon-in-biology-and-medicine #AI #publichealth #healthtech #DigitalHealth #Serverless #Flutter #IoT #Python #Wearables #DataScientists #WomenWhoCode #TechForGood #machineLearning #healthequity @sonu_monika
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Major drug recall: This company recalled every medicine it makes, so check your home
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Home grown medicine for depression, anxiety and anger issues #developer #css #java #software #javascript #Python #DataScience #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #IoT #flutter #javascript #Serverless #CyberSecurity #tech #DDoS #nft #NFTs #NFTCommunity #NFTartist https://t.co/sPQ9rGjIB2
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Medtronic issues ‘urgent’ recall of insulin pump controller vulnerable to hacks
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US Army backs ‘sleeping cap’ that monitors brain-cleaning fluid
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Stem cell breakthrough treats dog hip problems by regrowing cartilage
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Peppy, a B2B health platform for menopause, fertility, raises $10M Series A led by Felix Capital
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Xiaomi report outlines its efforts to be more sustainable
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Cannabis and suicide issues linked in young users, but a big question remains
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Our latest work which is about how synthetic data can be used to analyse ECGs: "DeepFake electrocardiograms: the beginning of the end for privacy issues in medicine" Medrxiv: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.04.27.21256189v1.full.pdf Code: https://github.com/vlbthambawita/deepfake-ecg @vlbthambawita #AI #MachineLearning #ECG
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Great Read! Recent Research Reveals Errors Within Key #AI Data Sets = Bias & issues w/ decision making by self-driving cars & medical algorithms Link: https://www.wired.com/story/foundations-ai-riddled-errors/ @willknight @cgnorthcutt @aleks_madry @vinayprabhu @Abebab #DataScience #100daysofcode #MedTwitterAI https://t.co/eeWnSppXD9
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Melinda Gates, diversity advocates address the long road to equality at SXSW - CNET
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Tiny lab-grown thyroids hint at a new way to treat hypothyroidism
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Researchers devise a way for smart speakers to monitor heart rhythm
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Medical researchers find COVID-19 can cause the death of heart cells
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Popular drugs used for many common issues linked to cognitive decline
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Yale saliva-based COVID-19 test gets FDA emergency use approval
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Study finds most recovered COVID-19 patients have heart issues
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Smartwatch tracker for the vulnerable can be hacked to send medication alerts
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Cannabis found to relieve PTSD symptoms, but there’s a catch
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Poor sleep quality named major risk factor for deadly heart condition
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FDA issues blunt malaria drug warning after deaths in coronavirus trial
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MIT researchers invent a light-sensitive ingestible medical device
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Fitbit quietly enables blood oxygen tracking on its wearables
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FDA’s nerve pill breathing issue warning is only for certain patients
@engadget.com 2 years ago
FDA issues its first approval for an Ebola vaccine
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CDC warns childhood abuse can cause chronic illness and career issues
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The first U.S. clinical trial of using an in-brain chip to fight opioid addiction is now underway
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Scientists want to implant mini human brains in animals
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FDA issues strong warning to avoid all THC and ‘street’ vapes
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PagerDuty gets smarter with Intelligent Triage and Dashboards
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
MIT’s new thread-like robots could travel through blood vessels in the brain for more effective surgery
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Nicotine-free vapes linked to serious blood vessel health risk
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Malmö-based medtech startup Flow raises $1.5 million to treat depression with AI
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Cuba/US scientific cooperation declines under Trump
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Common prostate drugs linked to diabetes: What you need to know
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Shift work health risks linked to blood sugar and triglyceride changes
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DHS issues warning about Medtronic implantable defibrillator flaws
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I wonder when artificial intelligence will be capable of diagnosing medical issues better than and without human assistance? @Crypto_Trogdor what do you think about that? #technews #technology #robotics #machinelearning #ArtificialInteligence
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Calling all volunteers to tackle glaring #AI issues within the #MedicalCannabis arena. Use real science to solve real issues. RTs and DMs welcomed. #data #datascience #MEDTECH #canntech #MachineLearning #bigdata #python #golang #makeadifference #Disrupt
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We were promised digitized health care… what’s the delay?
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South Park: The Fractured But Whole review
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MediChain CEO & Founder @drmarkrbaker talks about how #MediChain is tackling issues of gathering accurate medical data through the #blockchain and it's #bigdata platform http://ow.ly/my2h30j7iyr
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RightEye’s portable eye-tracking test catches concussions and reading problems in five minutes
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AI is transforming medical diagnosis, prosthetics, and vision aids