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Study details surprising link between anxiety and ‘silent’ thyroid issue
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This common eye issue might be a sign of coronavirus infection
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Don’t Let Trump, Or Any Politician, Dictate Your COVID-19 Response
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Manufacturers Refuse To Allow Hospitals To Fix Ventilators That Are The Last Hope For Many COVID-19 Patients
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A new @CellCellPress Special Review issue on #Therapeutics: #Cancer, #autoimmune #disease, #vaccines, #RareDisease #MachineLearning and #medicine, #CRISPR #AAV, #pharma #neurodegeneration - its all @ http://bit.ly/2V9mLV1 https://t.co/TXz3prO4yu
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Green tea extract may target common liver issue, but exercise is key
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.@harvard_data Science Review has returned with its 1st issue of 2020! Check out this fresh batch of articles on the latest topics in #datascience: differential privacy in the 2020 census, trusting #algorithms, precision medicine, and more. #ReadUPScience http://mitsha.re/kK9g50yfhEN
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We are guest-editing special issue on Graph Embeddings and Deep Learning for Network Biology @ComputerSociety @TheOfficialACM IEEE/ACM TCBB Call: https://www.computer.org/digital-library/journals/tb/call-for-papers-special-issue-on-deep-learning-and-graph-embeddings-for-network-biology/ Submit your finest work by July 30, 2020! Spread the word! #machinelearning #graphs #compbio #medicine https://t.co/iFkvQ6z9q7
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FDA’s nerve pill breathing issue warning is only for certain patients
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It is not only psychology and medicine, the #machinelearning community has #reproducibility issue, too. http://proceedings.mlr.press/v97/bouthillier19a.html @GaelVaroquaux @KordingLab @fchollet @jeremyphoward https://t.co/oEcjjgzIXs
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Parsley Health nabs $26 million Series B to launch telemedicine products
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Democratic Presidential nominees are ignoring the issue of our cybersecurity infrastructure
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Poor sleep, stress most damaging to people with common health issue
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Nighttime toilet trips may be symptom of common, serious health issue
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An Inspirational and Touching Profile of a Rare Disease Cure-Hunter in the Winter 2019 Issue of Harvard Medical Magazine https://hms.harvard.edu/magazine/artificial-intelligence #ITRTG #BigData #DataScience #SciComm #MedEd #technology #genomics #AI #MachineLearning #RareDisease @IAmSamFin @zakkohane @HarvardDBMI https://t.co/Yyy4fMXEla
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Nurse-1-1 lets you text a nurse for health info, learn if a doctor is needed
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Always wondered how hypothesis tests and out-of-sample predictions come together (or don't)? Our new preprint https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/05/21/327437 looks at this issue in more than 100k simulations and empirical analysis of several medical datasets. #MachineLearning #statistics #Python #rstats https://t.co/JXmmHe9ntO
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‘Selfie medicine’ might help people take their pills — at the cost of their privacy
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How the 'Dole Stock Crisis' is Reigniting the Push for Blockchain
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DeepMind says no quick fix for verifying health data access
Overstock Blockchain Securities Platform Presses Onward, with Some Questions Raised
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Because the Trump petition has gotten more than 100,000 signatures, the government will now consider debating the issue in Parliament.
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For the most pressing medical issue facing the NFL today—head injuries—a mouthguard acts as an early warning system. #sb100
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British Medical Journal doubles down on errors with 'clarification' to pro-fat article
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Medical journal will 'clarify' its bogus investigation of US food committee