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UK ambulance services are testing a rescue jet suit
Theranos Was ‘Uncannily Ethereum-Like,’ Says Bitcoin Pioneer Adam Back
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Cataract treatment inventor Dr. Patricia Smith dies at 76
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Vida Medical Preps Tests of Vascular Line Device, with More in Store
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna shines hope on the future of genetic modification at SXSW
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Feng Zhang isn’t the villain in the Crispr/Cas9 patent dispute—not necessarily.
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CRISPR-Cas9 inventor Jennifer Doudna’s plans on moving forward, genetically modifying humans
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RT @EricTopol: From the inventor of the $1 microscope http://goo.gl/93AKOo comes the 20 cent centrifuge= http://goo.gl/3TxdtZ https://t.co/JAo4Rpu6zW
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Jennifer Doudna, inventor of gene editing technology CRISPR Cas9, is coming to Disrupt
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Google Glass inventor sees big things for the wearable in health care