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Researchers discover a way to make wounds heal without forming scar tissue
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New treatment helps some with spinal cord injury regain functionality
@PaoloBonatoPhD 7 months ago
Congratulations to Dr Adans-Dester and team on the newly published Nature Digital Medicine manuscript https://lnkd.in/dxmbWsH showing how #wearables and #MachineLearning are enabling #PrecisionMedicine rehabilitation in stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors. https://t.co/ouhX5bGbKR
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Complete Anatomy App Will Use LiDAR in iPad Pro to Measure Range of Motion After Injury
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Ads for drug injury lawsuits were a problem long before they targeted HIV prevention medication
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Amazon and the NFL team up to create a 'Digital Athlete' simulation
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E-Cigarette Vaping EVALI lung injury and death count update
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CDC reveals the familiar ingredient that may cause vaping lung disease
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CDC confirms 2,051 cases of vaping-related lung injury
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CDC’s latest vaping update: More than two dozen deaths, 1,200 cases
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Lung injury cases climb to 1,080 as CDC warns public to stop vaping
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Illinois teen’s memory resets every two hours after head injury
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Maryland is the latest state to report severe vaping lung injury cases
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CDC reports nearly 100 vaping lung disease cases in 14 states
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Two more states report severe vaping lung injury: What you should know
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Progress in deep learning for medicine continue to impress. Here's the latest advance from @DeepMindAI the helps diagnose acute kidney injury #AI #2MA #machinelearning https://twitter.com/DeepMindAI/status/1156613535805390848
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DeepMind’s AI predicts kidney injury up to 48 hours before it happens
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DeepMind AI can predict kidney illness 48 hours before it occurs
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Thousands of medical injury claim records exposed by ad agency
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Study backs blood test that gauges seriousness of concussions
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Caspar Health makes rehabilitative care more accessible by putting treatment plans in an app
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BrainScope Completes $16 Million Equity Fundraise
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Walking again: Hyundai’s exoskeleton helps paraplegics move on their own
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Virtual reality and exoskeletons helped paraplegics walk again
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Former wrestlers sue WWE over brain injuries
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RT @AndreaKuszewski: Simple blood test can detect evidence of concussions up to a week after injury http://medicalxpress.com/news/2016-03-simple-blood-evidence-concussions-week.html via @medical_xpress
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Google AI group that conquered Go is now taking on healthcare
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RT @sgourley: injury to death rates in the US Military is at ~9:1. Before medical advances it was 3:1. Without this tech body count would be 3x higher