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A revolutionary implant just let a paralyzed man write using his brain
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Researchers advance the design of implants for electrical stimulation
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Origami-like patch could help robot surgeons repair internal injuries
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How robotic exoskeletons can help paraplegic patients heal from injuries
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Soccer player head injuries could be reduced by adjusting the ball
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CDC: Vitamin E acetate is 'closely associated’ with vaping lung injuries
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Sam Darnold’s Bizarre Medical Maladies Just Keep Getting Weirder
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Biotech Roundup: Vaping Toll Rises, NASH News, Akcea Shakeup & More
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Illinois teen’s memory resets every two hours after head injury
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Scientists create gut gel 'band-aid' made from the body's own bacteria
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Mars crew could 3D-print skin and bones for injuries
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DARPA wants smart bandages for wounded warriors
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NFL tech competition winners reduce concussions and heal with light
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Former wrestlers sue WWE over brain injuries
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For the most pressing medical issue facing the NFL today—head injuries—a mouthguard acts as an early warning system. #sb100
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RT @annimaniac: The latest medical breakthrough in spinal cord injuries was made by a computer program: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3052282/the-latest-medical-breakthrough-in-spinal-cord-injuries-was-made-by-a-computer-program by @Greg_Lindsay
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A simple injection could one day stop people from bleeding to death