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MIT-based AI apps startup aims to block supply chain attacks with advanced cybersecurity
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Portable X-ray vision is one step closer to reality with OXOS Medical
What can blockchain do for increasing human longevity?
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Galen Robotics looks to assist ENT surgeons with new bot and $15M round
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Ohio children’s hospitals raise alarm over spike in kids with COVID-19
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5 keys to #AI success for the UAE's #healthcare industry — driven by a rise in #BigData, there is increasing interest in genetics & the emergence of personalized medicine: https://dy.si/oU8sh #MachineLearning #DataScience #AI4good #AIStrategy
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Medical errors common before cardiac arrest on wards mostly diagnosis delay (Hodgetts 2002) some #IHCA get #ICU late increasing morbidity/mortality may #AI #DataScience identify high-risk pts? check @CritCareMed papers #FOAMcc Churpek M #ESICMdata20 @ESICM #MachineLearning https://t.co/k9OmyqKJ0t
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In this article by @RuthReader @FastCompany I argue that making our bodies "transparent" with #bigdata tech risks increasing overdiagnosis and noise in medicine. I also have a criticism of @harari_yuval and his book Homo Deus. https://www.fastcompany.com/90440921/amazon-and-apple-will-be-our-doctors-in-the-future-says-tech-guru-peter-diamandis @EricTopol @trishgreenhalgh
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Dr. Lang (@robertomlang) discusses applications of AI in echocardiography during @WUSTLmed grand rounds. Artificial intelligence may revolutionize the way we practice medicine, increasing efficiency and allowing us to focus on pathology. #AI #MachineLearning #echofirst @ASE360 https://t.co/trRF8ahaQF
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New tutorial! Deep learning, hydroponics, and...medical marijuana?🤔 Discover how #DeepLearning + #Python are being used to non-invasively classify plant root health via images, increasing farm/crop yields: http://pyimg.co/tx8nz #MachineLearning #Keras #AI #DataScience https://t.co/DjMhHtsIeU
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FCC gives remote health care a huge funding boost
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The Increasing #Art-ification of Medical Education https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-09/uops-acc090617.php #SNRTG #RareDisease #painting #MedEd #science #BigData #education https://t.co/MgdyQnkRUv
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Makers of the World’s First Blockchain-Integrated Medical Device Launch Second Phase of Token Sale
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AI will help us download meeting notes to our brains by 2030
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5 pieces of wearable tech for meditation & mindfulness
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The Rise of Bitcoin in Poland | Opinion.
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StartUp Health accelerator adds 13 new companies to its portfolio
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Iodine: A platform to help you choose the best medicines for you