@9to5mac.com 2 months ago
Despite no second Vision Pro keynote, Apple gave employees a new pitch (and a 25% discount)
@wired.com 3 months ago
US School Shooter Emergency Plans Exposed in a Highly Sensitive Database Leak
@cnet.com 3 months ago
Why Bill Gates Says AI Will Supercharge Medical Innovations - CNET
@techcrunch.com 5 months ago
Prime members can now get a One Medical membership for $9/month
@engadget.com 5 months ago
Amazon plans to start drone deliveries in the UK and Italy next year
@techcrunch.com 9 months ago
MLCommons launches a new platform to benchmark AI medical models
@techcrunch.com 9 months ago
Amazon adds discounted healthcare to Prime Day deals
@techcrunch.com 9 months ago
These are the first Denon-branded Nura headphones
@macrumors.com 10 months ago
iOS 17 Introduces Follow-Up Reminders to Take Your Medications
@WIRED 10 months ago
We gazed into the crystal ball in the WIRED office to glimpse the future of medical technology. What we saw were 8 innovations that may soon be in a hospital ward near you. Including: 🤖 Fully Autonomous Surgical Robots Smart Toilets That Can Detect Disease https://t.co/5TDOFYAgsh
@engadget.com 10 months ago
Ransomware attack exposes sensitive data for nearly 9 million dental patients
@engadget.com 10 months ago
Swiss researchers use a wireless BCI to help a spinal injury patient walk more naturally
@slashgear.com 10 months ago
AI Helps Scientists Discover Superbug-Fighting Antibiotic
@cnet.com 11 months ago
Melatonin Content in Gummy Form Could be a Gamble, Study Suggests - CNET
@Parajulisaroj16 11 months ago
Statistics has become an essential tool in many fields, including science, engineering, medicine, business, and economics. https://pyoflife.com/introduction-to-basic-statistics-with-r-pdf/ #DataScience #RStats #statistics #R #programming #DataAnalytics https://t.co/tcFgxbMcTf
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NASA funds futuristic asteroid pulverization and space pharmacy projects
@DKFZ 1 year ago
Apply now for the Summer Selection of the International #PhD Program at the German #Cancer Research Center, covering all areas of #cancerresearch, including #datascience, #bioinformatics, #epidemiology, #medicalphysics. To apply for your #PhDatDKFZ visit https://bit.ly/2WKlVwR https://t.co/7Ju3M76A7m
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Amazon Pharmacy now automatically applies coupons on select brand name drugs
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Google won't pay remaining parental or medical leave for laid-off employees
@cnet.com 1 year ago
New Childhood Obesity Guidelines Say It's a Disease That Needs Treatment - CNET
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Egyptian health tech Yodawy raises $16M, backed by Delivery Hero Ventures
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Starling Medical’s new urine-testing device turns your toilet into a health tracker
@torrentfreak.com 1 year ago
Bungie Expert: Destiny 2 Cheats Logged “Active Military” Patient Data
@eff.org 1 year ago
Pushing for Strong Digital Rights in the States: 2022 in Review
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India’s AIIMS hit by outages after cyberattack
@NVIDIAHealth 1 year ago
Discover how by relying on data-driven insights, including #MachineLearning models and AI-powered medical devices, #smarthospital can enhance the work of healthcare professionals and hospital management, resulting in a better and faster care. https://nvda.ws/3V1OUuO
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Space tomatoes and prescription yogurt incubator rocket to the ISS today
@DKFZ 1 year ago
Apply now for the Winter Selection of the International #PhD Program at the German Cancer Research Center, covering all areas of #cancerresearch, including #datascience, #bioinformatics, #epidemiology, #medicalphysics. To apply for your #PhDatDKFZ visit ➡️ https://bit.ly/2WKlVwR https://t.co/Ffvhnh79I3
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Instagram has been blocking posts that mention abortion
@bgr.com 1 year ago
Pain medicine recall: These pain pills have undeclared steroids, so check your bottles
@thenextweb.com 1 year ago
Facebook is receiving sensitive medical information from hospital websites
@9to5google.com 1 year ago
Google’s Pixel 4 gets a new life as its face unlock cameras are used for Alzheimer’s research
@mobilesyrup.com 1 year ago
Apple adds new Watch Faces, sleep monitoring and medication tracking to WatchOS 9
@cnet.com 2 years ago
3D Printing Gives This New Osprey Backpack Soft, Ventilated Padding - CNET
@cnet.com 2 years ago
Getting an ADHD diagnosis has gotten easier online. Is that a good thing? - CNET
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
FDA Expands COVID Boosters To Younger Children
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
These tiny robots inspired by starfish larva move courtesy of ultrasound
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Studies detail which beliefs are fueling the US vaccine problem
@arXiv_Daily 2 years ago
DeepMCAT: Large-Scale Deep Clustering for Medical Image Categorization https://deepai.org/publication/deepmcat-large-scale-deep-clustering-for-medical-image-categorization by Turkay Kart et al. including @glockerben #MachineLearning #ComputerScience
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
US Army backs ‘sleeping cap’ that monitors brain-cleaning fluid
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Ohio children’s hospitals raise alarm over spike in kids with COVID-19
@UofT_TCAIREM 2 years ago
Some exciting new research published in @CMAJ from several #ArtificialIntelligence (AI) in #medicine leaders, including @UofT_TCAIREM director Muhammad Mamdani. • https://www.cmaj.ca/content/193/34/E1351 #machinelearning #healthcare
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Cannabis and suicide issues linked in young users, but a big question remains
@AI_Miami 2 years ago
#Cyber: CVS Accidentally Exposed 1 Billion Data Points, Including Medications and COVID-19 Vaccines #100DaysOfCode #AI #Analytics #DataScience #DeepLearning #Flutter #IOT #IIOT #JavaScript #MachineLearning #ML #NodeJS #Python #VR #WomenWhoCode https://dy.si/ZmqNy https://t.co/gs7axMaMNZ
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Munich’s digital healthcare startup Avi Medical raises €28.5 million in Series A financing
@slashgear.com 3 years ago
Study finds your favorite ‘pure’ CBD products may have a lot of THC
@tech.eu 3 years ago
Berlin-based Heal Capital invests in medtech Moray Medical
@slashgear.com 3 years ago
High dose CBD study finds stunning potential for treating Alzheimer’s