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New to computer vision and medical imaging? Start with these 10 projects
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First human use of a wireless high-bandwidth brain-computer interface completed
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Researchers want to harness bacteria-produced tailocins for science
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Historic windpipe transplant could be huge news for COVID-19 patients
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Researchers use human stem cells to simulate human blastocysts
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Researchers develop a rapid 3D printing technique that could be used for organs
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Scientists sequence 64 human genomes to better reflect genetic diversity
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Via @MedicalExpoEMag: "Trust and #ArtificialIntelligence in Healthcare." http://emag.medicalexpo.com/trust-and-artificial-intelligence-in-healthcare/ 3 different categories of trust to be addressed: -Technical trust -Human trust -Regulatory trust #AI is poised to change #healthcare in monumental ways. #BigData #MachineLearning
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A 15-Minute Smartphone COVID Test Is Coming to the US
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If you take this common medicine, contact your doctor immediately
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Hitting the Books: AI doctors and the dangers tiered medical care
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#Learn About Human Body #MedicalScience #scientists #Scanning #BigData #Programming #Holographic #ScienceAndTechnology #Innovation https://t.co/43UtVFIkUl
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Google launches new app to let Android users participate in health research
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Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have combined #syntheticbiology with a #machinelearning algorithm to create human liver organoids with blood- and bile-handling systems. https://bit.ly/36SDl2h #synbio
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Modified 'stealth' virus could fight advanced cancers
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Researchers bioprint mini human kidneys in the lab
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A Collection of Articles on "#AI for Human Well-Being" Numerous AI initiatives are underway in the #health sector. Some of these are aimed at promoting #mentalhealth & #wellbeing. #healthcare #AIEthics #ehealth #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #medicine https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/collection-papers-articles-ai-human-well-being-murat-durmus/?trackingId=6W0qntZLRDeZfN0dHZUETQ%3D%3D
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Researchers claim to have reversed the aging process using an oxygen chamber
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"The World is Losing $10 Trillion Per Year Due to Fraud, Medical Errors, Work Related Accidents & Human Errors." #saugatalks with @pascal_bornet #intelligentautomation #automation #hyperautomation #business #technology #tech #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #AI #4IR https://t.co/xi0ad5zy51
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FBI warns hospitals of 'increased and imminent' ransomware threat
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A new wearable generator can power wireless sensors
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Are we sure that studies in medicine comparing human+AI vs human not only measure the Hawthorne effect? Are there studies that compare human+AI vs human vs human+fake AI? #AI #medicine #MachineLearning
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Still too soon to try altering human embryo DNA, panel says
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Still accepting applications for this innovative & hands-on new MSc programme from SBI, with modules in #PrecisionOncology, #MachineLearning, #Statistics for Human Genetics, #AI for personalized medicine, #Bioinformatics & more. @ucdscience @UCDMedicine https://bit.ly/2VURyFZ
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Pharmacists can now vaccinate children 3-18 in all 50 states
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Researchers grew a mini human heart to study fetal heart development
AI is learning when it should and shouldn’t defer to a human
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MIT AI system knows when to make a medical diagnosis or defer to an expert
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Next-gen vaccine from UW researchers shows promise in fighting COVID-19
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Scientists 3D Print a Functioning Heart Pump Made of Human Cells At first, They tried 3D printing cardiomyocytes, and they failed, too, https://interestingengineering.com/scientists-3d-print-a-functioning-heart-pump-made-of-human-cells #MachineLearning #MedTwitter #Medical #Science #Biology #News #Innovation #Industry #Health #Heart
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Fauci really thinks a breakthrough coronavirus drug will be here by fall
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Big backing to pair doctors with AI-assist technology
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Failure to consider human factors in past technologies led to poor usability and serious unintended errors https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.2020190095 @RajRatwani @MedicalHFE #ux #ML #MachineLearning https://t.co/X5D72Rky4N
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Study illustrates huge potential of human, #ArtificialIntelligence collaboration in #medicine #AI #ML #HealthTech #MachineLearning V/@MargaretSiegien @PawlowskiMario @MarkQuinn_VO @baski_LA @AmitChampaneri1 @abhishek__AI @Victoryabro @JeroenBartelse https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-huge-potential-human-artificial-intelligence.html
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Loneliness rewires how the human brain perceives friendship
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#BlackBoxMedicine and #AI | @unibirmingham and @uhbtrust experts @Denniston_Ophth and @DrXiaoLiu have contributed to a series of @PHGFoundation reports on the human interpretability of #machinelearning in health and medical research > https://www.birminghamhealthpartners.co.uk/black-box-medicine-and-machine-learning/ https://t.co/Z1Jswhqwfx
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Moderna’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine enters Phase 2 with human testing
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Researchers create the first 3D map of heart neurons
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We’re carving a new path for #PopulationGenomics! Thrilled to introduce @ChiaraBacchelli, Lifebit’s Precision Medicine & Human #Genetics Lead. Read this Spotlight now - https://bit.ly/3epma9x #TeamLifebit #Biobanks #Genomics #PersonalisedMedicine #BigData #WereHiring
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New Coronavirus Vaccine Advances to Phase 2 Human Trials
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#MachineLearning systems identify patterns that are beyond human perception. #LearnFromHome with Amlan Chakrabarti as he explores how these systems are involved in medical image analysis. Register Here: https://bit.ly/2WpETLW #OnlineLearning #DigitalLearning #Webinars #Tech https://t.co/PSapLat6xp
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Prof. Dr. Simon Eickhoff's work focuses on: ◦ Understanding brain organization ◦ #MachineLearning for individual prediction, #clinical translation & personalized #medicine All of which is highly relevant to the mission of the Human Brain Project. Follow him at @INM7_ISN https://t.co/vZe55zoiuU
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US human trial of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines underway at Pfizer
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Leveraging Technology to Mitigate and Manage Through This Pandemic
@thefastmode.com 11 months ago
Leveraging Technology to Mitigate and Manage Through This Pandemic
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Texas hospital expands autonomous robot fleet amid coronavirus crisis
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DARPA seeks an implantable ‘travel adapter’ for soldiers’ bodies
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Scientists actually reversed stroke damage in rodent tests