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Psilocybin study offers hope for chronic migraine sufferers
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Confirmed COVID-19 reinfection case offers a sliver of hope
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Researchers create self-healing polymer material
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Manufacturers Refuse To Allow Hospitals To Fix Ventilators That Are The Last Hope For Many COVID-19 Patients
@zdnet.com 9 months ago
COVID-19: Let's not let the hopeful news get lost, part two
@iPC_H2020 9 months ago
Watch now the 15-seconds teaser of #iPC! This #H2020 project aims at bringing hope to children with cancer through personalized medicine based on #bigdata. Sounds promising? Visit our project website for more info: https://ipc-project.eu/ #EUVATION #cancer #children #Technikon https://t.co/GZUqUcB9d5
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Erectile dysfunction meds turn men’s vision blue
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Stanford researchers manage to put a particle accelerator on a silicon chip
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The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep
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'Desert Bus' video game charity has raised nearly $80,000
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Wisconsin firms hope to make more of the radioactive isotope MRIs need
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New wristband could predict aggressive outbursts in people with autism
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Cannabis processing startups hope to unlock new chemicals and treatments
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So grateful to @turinginst for supporting me. Without that, it'd be almost impossible to keep doing translational #DataScience like the #LeedsCausalSchool Really hope medical funders like @The_MRC, @NIHRresearch & @wellcometrust will one day also fund this stuff! #EpiTwitter https://t.co/U6FhBN1WHH
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Researchers hope a blood test can reveal early signs of cancer
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A generic HIV prevention drug should arrive in 2021
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Highly Recommended: Rockstar Games’ immersive worlds are a stoner’s delight
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Doubling Our DNA Building Blocks Could Lead to New Life Forms
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Hope to See a Lot of Tweets of Women Rocking the World of Medicine, and Young Ladies Aspiring to Medical Careers http://www.un.org/en/events/women-and-girls-in-science-day/ #ITRTG #BigData #SciComm #MedEd #STEM #genetics #genomics #RareDisease #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM #WomenInMedicine @UNESCO 11 February 2019 https://t.co/I0tUxGcLyE
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Scientists create the first 3D-printed human corneas
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Genoox raises $6M to help physicians better diagnose patients with genomic data
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I hope Google won’t nag me about my digital wellbeing
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Inspired by slug slime, this surgical glue is strong enough to patch up a beating heart
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Hope of Precision Medicine for #ChildhoodCancer | http://blogs.plos.org/dnascience/2017/10/05/brain-cancer-in-kids-tailoring-treatment-based-on-mutations/ #ITRTG #BigData #science #innovation #genomics #brain #RareDisease https://t.co/WpJAvLBlGc
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Chemists have created a self-healing plastic that could increase the durability of vehicles
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#GeneTherapy Brings New Hope to a "Bubble-Baby" http://www.sfchronicle.com/health/article/Amid-advances-in-gene-therapy-bubble-baby-10991046.php #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease #science… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/841236975092936705
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna shines hope on the future of genetic modification at SXSW
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This breast pump is quiet enough to use on a conference call
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Panasonic ups the ante on video with its new GH5 camera
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ICYMI: #GeneTherapy's New Hope for the "Butterfly Children" http://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2016/11/gene-therapy-for-blistering-skin-disease-appears-to-enhance-healing.html #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/794453263278100480
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There's hope. (via The Daily Beast)
@theverge.com 4 years ago
A new gene-editing technique could help treat sickle cell anemia
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The Hope of #GeneTherapy - Exemplified http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2016/09/finally-hope-for-a-young-patient/ #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease #genomics #science #tech https://t.co/GAZCMsHvV1
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A Deadly Rare Disease, A Glimmer of Hope http://www.sciencealert.com/activity-of-the-huntington-s-disease-gene-has-been-halted-for-6-months-in-mice #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease #genomics #GeneTherapy https://t.co/yqjzDTquYD
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
In mice, a possible means to counteract multiple sclerosis
@Primary_Immune1 4 years ago
#GeneTherapy's Hope: Cures for the Incurable http://www.freethinkmedia.com/shows/superhuman/article/the-wonder-medicine-of-the-future-is-about-to-become-the-wonder-medicine-of-the-present/ #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease #genomics #science https://t.co/nylycd3lEl
@Primary_Immune1 4 years ago
Hannah's Hope: #GeneTherapy & An Incurable #RareDisease | http://yourcliftonpark.com/2016/07/15/new-hope-for-rexford-girl-who-suffers-from-rare-illness/ #SNRTG #BigData #science @HHF4GAN https://t.co/XXCfJD7W0b
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'Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees' - #RareDisease & #Genomics' Hope http://www.frontlinegenomics.com/interview/4048/life-undiagnosed/ #SNRTG #BigData #genetics https://t.co/uwswgO2nXs
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Device claims to 'turn off' cramps: Hoax or hope?
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
Scientists find abandoned drug effective against two human viruses
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
Machine learning offers hope in fight against antibiotic resistance
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Google and Johnson & Johnson team up to build surgery-assisting robots
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RT @pburford: I hope emergency medical services are on hand when Gene Munster reads this :) http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/companies/philips-launches-television-range-with-apple-tv-features/article6484972.ece?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS_Syndication