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Medical, Home Alarm Industries Warn Of Major Outages As AT&T Shuts Down 3G Network
The worst technology of 2021
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Former Googler and Facebooker Launches COVID Testing Startup
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A Bluetooth bug in a popular at-home COVID-19 test could falsify results
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How Cerebral and Alto Neuroscience embarked on an at-home clinical trial for depression
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Major drug recall: This company recalled every medicine it makes, so check your home
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Pfizer’s “overwhelming” COVID-19 pill results fuel home treatment hopes
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A prescription for AI use in medical research
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Biofourmis receives FDA breakthrough device designation for heart failure “digital therapy”
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This Seattle-area startup is building a pill dispenser that reminds people to take their medicine
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Amazon is now selling its own Covid-19 test kits for $39.99 in the U.S.
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Pfizer may release an at-home COVID-19 treatment before the holidays
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Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process
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Better Health raises $3.5M seed round to reinvent medical supply shopping through e-commerce
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US invests $232 million in at-home, phone-based COVID-19 tests
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Madrid-based Asistensi gets $3 million to help migrants buy medical coverage for families back home
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Robotic car uses AI to deliver care home medicine via Reuters #Robot #Robotics #Automation #Bots #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #MachineIntelligence #AugmentedIntelligence #AI #DL #ML #Tech #Technology #delivery #medicine #Health https://t.co/WpbzPNYNhU
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Robotic car uses AI to deliver care home medicine via Reuters #Robot #Robotics #Automation #Bots #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #MachineIntelligence #AugmentedIntelligence #AI #DL #ML #Tech #Technology #delivery #medicine #Health https://t.co/vjooAmWuRK
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First COVID-19 at-home test FDA authorized for rapid results
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Amazon Pharmacy: Online drugstore and Prime Rx discounts extend tech giant’s reach into healthcare
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FDA warns that this at-home coronavirus therapy that could do more harm than good
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This common drug you already have at home might save your life from COVID-19
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Caltech researchers develop a new at-home multiplexed test for COVID-19
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KitoTech raises $3M as demand soars for its at-home no-stitch wound closure kit
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Study finds your grandma was right about honey for colds after all
No more maté sharing
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FDA Green-Lights Roche Spinal Muscular Atrophy Drug, First Oral Therapy
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S. Korean paper does not state that kids are spreading the #WuhanVirus! Report found that it was extremely rare for children to bring an infection into the home. Many so called Medical people are lying! Science Stupid! #FactsMatter #DataScience https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/22/new-york-times-hyped-korean-report-actually-shows-kids-are-not-spreading-coronavirus/
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.@KTRTRS ~with over 200 engineering colleges, skilled workforce, strong focus on IT/tech, defense & health-tech; #Telangana is home to India’s largest medical devices park. Hub of emerging tech like #AI, #robotics & #machinelearning, the state is among leaders in tech space. https://t.co/0lhxD5GQfP
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The Best Veterinary Telemedicine Services for Your Pet (2020)
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CSAIL robot disinfects a warehouse facility using UV-C light
'Americans Are Getting Screwed' With Lab Testing, Says Pomp Interviewee
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Apple AR brings medical tricorder closer to reality - CNET
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Just crossed the threshold wherein memes are now part of my AI slides . Well, what better than our beloved late actor to drive the point home about need interpretability of DL models in medical imaging #AI #MachineLearning #MedicalImaging https://t.co/2wPBkcqBbi
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FDA Approves First At-Home Coronavirus Test
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Sports could return this year: Streaming without fans
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New Ring Alarm home security system with 1-touch buttons for police, fire, and medical emergencies coming soon
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Verizon is canceling home internet installations during the pandemic
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Engadget Podcast: Keeping fit with tech at home
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Internet use up 40 per cent in San Francisco Bay Area but you know what’s even higher? Yep, alcohol, weed use
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UK Plans to Roll Out 15-Minute Home Coronavirus Test Kits This Week
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How to make your own DIY medical face mask for coronavirus
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Temporary FDA policy helps doctors monitor COVID-19 patients at home
@cnet.com 2 years ago
3D printing may help supply more essential coronavirus medical gear - CNET
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Verily COVID-19 website will screen eligible testing candidates
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Coronavirus home-testing kits developed with funds from Bill Gates
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1-800 Contacts buys the at-home eye exam provider 6over6 Vision