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Congratulations to Dr Anna Hake on successfully defending her PhD dissertation titled ‘Predicting and analyzing HIV-1 adaptation to broadly neutralizing antibodies and the host immune system using #MachineLearning’ today in #Saarbrücken! #PhDone #MedicalInformatics https://t.co/mf9nBY4PUK
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A Fourth HIV Patient Appears To Have Been Cured
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Musie Ghebremichael and colleagues used #machinelearning and #networkanalyses to identify cell death pathway genes in HIV-infected patients with mitochondrial toxicity, a side effect of some HIV medications. https://bmcmedgenomics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12920-021-01136-1 https://t.co/7KVWdU0Efe
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Scientists may have just cured HIV in a woman for the first time ever
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Moderna’s mRNA HIV vaccine trial kicks off with first round of doses
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Researchers aim to cure HIV with a ‘fundamentally different’ method
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Injectable extended-release HIV regimen gets milestone FDA approval
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HIV patient appears to be totally cured after stem cell treatment
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Potential HIV vaccine hits major snag in testing
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HIV vaccine testing ends in disappointment
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Ads for drug injury lawsuits were a problem long before they targeted HIV prevention medication
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Chinese Scientist Responsible for Genetically Engineered Babies Gets 3 Years in Prison
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Ads on Facebook are spreading misinformation about anti-HIV drugs
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Strawberry-flavored HIV medicine could save thousands of children
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CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing could one day ‘turn off’ HIV virus in the body
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A generic HIV prevention drug should arrive in 2021
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Birth control delivery startup Nurx now offers an at-home HPV testing kit
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Chinese scientist claims he edited babies' genes with CRISPR
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HIV vaccine delivers promising results in human tests
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Scientists Use CRISPR to Block HIV Replication Inside Living Cells
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Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is going to prison
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Can the health care industry channel the power of the blockchain?
@thenextweb.com 6 years ago
Can the health care industry channel the power of the blockchain?
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Scientists have eliminated HIV in mice using CRISPR
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New biosensor can detect HIV earlier and faster than ever before
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High school heroes recreate the pill Martin Shkreli priced at $750 for a measly $20
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On-demand birth control delivery startup Nurx raises $5.3 million from Union Square Ventures
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What it means to find a “weak spot” in HIV
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This startup delivers HIV-prevention pills to your doorstep via an app
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First man contracts HIV while on prevention drug
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This vaginal ring can safely reduce the risk of HIV in women, trial shows
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Scientists record HIV moving through a living body
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Medical marijuana might not help ease symptoms of dementia
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Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise
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HIV prevention trial in Africa is a dud
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Medical marijuana is now officially legal in New York