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Beige Against the Machine: Hey, hey, 16K, it's the IBM PC's 40th birthday
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🧬⚕️ Hey @UofT @UTM @UTSC and affiliated institutions and #hospitals! Become a T-CAIREM and help transform healthcare through #AI. Membership is free! • Details: http://ow.ly/JN7H50EN5GD • #artificialintelligence #STEM #research #datascience #medicine https://t.co/Vcqk9a2Rl0
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Hey @UofT @UTM and @UTSC students! You're invited to an exclusive student meet & greet with Dr. Jenna Wiens from @UMich • https://tcairem.utoronto.ca/event/student-meet-and-greet-dr-jenna-wiens #medicine #healthcare #DataScience @uoftmedicine @UofT_dlsph https://t.co/bgdWKDzRi3
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Hey learners - if you're looking for more #rdm, #datamanagement & #DataScience learning opportunities, check out @jgolds2's Bio-Medical RDM class (https://bit.ly/2YWBp5j), @thecarpentries, @DataONEorg, and @harvardx has some free classes (https://bit.ly/3cpQBvC) too! #datalibs
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Hey #DC #rstats #DataScience folks! Did you know that survival analysis isn't just for terminal diseases and mortality? Check out @phillynerd's talk as she explains the broader applications of survival analysis in the medical field. Learn more at http://dc2020.netlify.com/ https://t.co/DgSjg6yJNZ
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The Morning After: 'Death Stranding' is here -- but is it a good game?
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Hey Alexa, does this look infected?
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RT @texasinafrica: Hey, Jill Stein voters, see why making a protest vote could have disastrous consequences? https://twitter.com/forecasterenten/status/794238483002966017
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Hey @facebook your algorithm is sending birth control ads to a celibate, post-menopausal woman! Congratulations! #BigData
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Hey @Benioff and @vkhosla nice investment! https://www.facebook.com/scobletechnology/videos/255149481510753/ medical imaging machine learning company in Israel: @ZebraMedVision
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Hey, health care entrepreneurs: Don’t forget about caregivers
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"The Knick" offers an unblinking look at what a crude practice medicine was more than 100 years ago -- and, just maybe, a sly examination of how healthcare became what it is now.