@Harry_Robots 2 years ago
Please don't forget that tomorrow is #WorldHealthDay. A huge thank you to all the medical heroes around the globe battling #COVID19. Also, #SupportLocalBusinesses and tip your delivery person well. @MikeQuindazzi #DeepLearning #IoT #BigData mt: @worldtrendsinfo by @StatistaCharts https://t.co/yR5AJnyTZK
@mashable.com 5 years ago
Google Doodle celebrates 13 badass women for International Women's Day
@gamespot 5 years ago
Audio medic! #Overwatch's Lucio is now in Heroes of the Storm PTR. His abilities http://www.gamespot.com/articles/overwatchs-lucio-joins-the-roster-in-heroes-of-the/1100-6447607/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0b https://t.co/ZxfrRF5KLy
@thenextweb.com 5 years ago
High school heroes recreate the pill Martin Shkreli priced at $750 for a measly $20
@gamespot 6 years ago
Heroes of the Storm's new StarCraft Medic is a great support healer. http://l.gamespot.com/1NQ4iDp http://t.co/Mk1VoagLL5
@gamespot 6 years ago
Heroes of the Storm's new StarCraft medic sounds like a great healer. http://l.gamespot.com/1Wlf7jF http://t.co/kwhURHHuPt
@BenedictEvans 7 years ago
RT @rupertmurdoch: Quarantine for returning medicos obviously right, but they should be treated as selfless heroes, not roughly met at airports.