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Drug Price Negotiation Is A Second-Best Fix. Here's What Will Really Work
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Impossibility Of Content Moderation: Scientist Debunking Vaccine Myths Gets A YouTube Strike For Medical Misinfo
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Via @Coursera: "AI for #Medicine Specialization." https://coursera.org/specializations/ai-for-medicine In today's #KnowledgeEconomy, things move quickly. #MOOC's share high quality, 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹-𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 information. Here's how #AI is transforming medicine. #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData
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Do medicinal mushrooms really work? What you need to know about lion's mane, reishi and more - CNET
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In case you couldn't tune in, here's the video of Dr. Leo Celi's lecture from the @MITCriticalData on how clinicians and researchers can make sure that #AI and #machinelearning in #healthcare work for everybody. • https://tcairem.utoronto.ca/past-events #medicine #technology #data https://t.co/hRbkFqK82N
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#Deeplearning sharpens near-infrared images for cancer diagnostics Here's how? https://bit.ly/39uKiGM #Healthcare #AI #ML #DataScience #BigData #Python #RStats #IoT #serverless #100daysofcode #programming #womenwhocode #MachineLearning #Medicine https://t.co/PDJEuqvX1N
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Here's how Nitin Dang reconstructed Medical Images from the NIH Chest dataset using #GAN https://medium.com/jovianml/medical-image-reconstruction-using-generative-adversarial-networks-gans-87c2c3b224d #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #DataScience
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Protests can be long and police across the country have acted with unnecessary force against protestors. Here's a few gear reminders of what to bring with you to help keep you safe, things like a high-protein snacks, water, cash, and a medical information card. 3/ https://t.co/lL1pYXodFy
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Here's What Disinfectants and UV Light *Really* Do to Your Body
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How do ventilators work?
Laughter makes for great medicine! Here are the 10 best comedies on Disney Plus
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Coronavirus updates: Americans asked to postpone elective medical procedures as virus hits all 50 states - CNET
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Las Vegas does 5G its own way, looking to win big as a smart city - CNET
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Injectable electrodes may help treat everything from chronic pain to depression
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New cardiology A.I. knows if you’ll die soon. Doctors can’t explain how it works
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CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing could one day ‘turn off’ HIV virus in the body
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Here's How #BigData #Analytics is Changing the Face of Precision Medicine. #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #HealthTech http://bit.ly/2M3zUu5 https://t.co/V2TFUeuPYS
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How Apple, Fitbit, Samsung and more are helping to modernize the FDA - CNET
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In honor of #InternationalCatDay , here's a thread about how cats helped us understand visual perception, lead to the @NobelPrize in Physiology or Medicine in 1981, and how they inspired a #MachineLearning method... 1/n #Weltkatzentag #WorldCatDay #neuroscience https://t.co/KNAhJKa8yZ
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Progress in deep learning for medicine continue to impress. Here's the latest advance from @DeepMindAI the helps diagnose acute kidney injury #AI #2MA #machinelearning https://twitter.com/DeepMindAI/status/1156613535805390848
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Apple Watch ECG vs. hospital EKG: Not the results I was expecting - CNET
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Here's How Scientist Used #AI to Convert Brain Signals into #Voice. TY @LunaticAI_ #DigitalHealth #ArtificialIntelligence #Medicine #HealthCare #MachineLearning #HealthTech @WearableGuru @AndyB_Knowles @Oaktree_Dave @KatPenno @carlosdajackal @JohnNosta https://t.co/Dnx8wJ0auq
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Verizon 5G lab tunes up robots and medical tech heading your way - CNET
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Burnout is now an official medical diagnosis, says the World Health Organization - CNET
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Here's the speaker lineup and livestream link for this year's #BigData in Precision Health event, which is taking place now at Stanford University School of Medicine. https://stan.md/2HAFBPj https://stan.md/2Hxqrdr #BigDataMed #PrecisionHealth https://t.co/kg4AXbSIUe
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The Apple Watch ECG detected something strange about my heart rhythm - CNET
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Here's what Baptiste, Overwatch's new hero, can do
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#Supercomputers make healthcare more accurate & faster: they reduce the time to develop new drugs or analyse #bigdata to better predict diseases. Here's what medicine of the future will look like http://bit.ly/2kJDVXQ #HPC #digitalhealth #ahacop18 https://t.co/luiWkunQyC
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Download this: Sweatcoin's app pays you to exercise
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Apple can win electronic medical record game with Health Records in iOS 11.3: Here's 7 reasons why http://zd.net/2ndvzJl by @ldignan https://t.co/GvMVpPRPum
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Apple wants to put medical records on your iPhone. Here's how it works.
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Here's 3 minutes of giving #Overwatch's Doomfist a taste of his own medicine http://l.gamespot.com/60158tTwN https://t.co/pCI4LgaXQy
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How IT Can Save Our Healthcare System
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Stanford Medicine's #BigData in Biomedicine Conference kicked off today! Here's what you need to know:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/867481871705407488
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Stanford Medicine's #BigData in Biomedicine Conference begins today! Here's what you need to know:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/867381450286522368
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RT @oliviasolon: As the FDA approves phase 3 trials of MDMA, here's how it could become a prescription medicine for PTSD https://t.co/JFp214Jnvp
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Stanford Medicine's #BigData in Biomedicine Conference is back! Here's how to take part from afar: http://stan.md/1Tz7A3i #bigdatamed
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This Facebook 911bot could save your life one day
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Apple is now collecting some medical data from iPhones. Here's why
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Here's how #VR is reshaping five key industries, including medicine & fashion http://shout.lt/btJWn @FastCompany https://t.co/G34aOL7REG
Must read: top 10 Android stories of the week
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The Division trailer outlines its skill system in under three minutes
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The brain’s ‘on-off switch’ for human consciousness is more complex than we thought