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How Y Combinator’s founder-matching service helped medical records AI startup Hona land $3M
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AI-brain implant helped patient gain feeling in his hand again
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Sci-Hub’s Alexandra Elbakyan Receives EFF Award for Providing Access to Scientific Knowledge
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How a Romanian MedTech startup helped US doctors treat refugee Ukrainian cancer patients
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Hitting the Books: How 3D printing helped make cosplay costumes even more accurate
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A unique collection of NFTs will help in the fight against the consequences of a stroke – how a resident of Tomsk has created a revolutionary project in the field of rehabilitative medicine
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Hitting the Books: How Florence Nightingale changed medicine using stats and 'rose charts'
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As Covid Cases Rise, So Do Hospital-Related Infections
Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch covid. None of them helped.
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In a Pandemic, Medical Illustrators Made Science Accessible
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Our MBA program helped Paxton Maeder-York (MBA 2019) pursue his interests at the intersection of #medicine and #technology and become the Founder and CEO of Alife Health, which uses #machinelearning to assess the healthiest embryo to transfer during #IVF: https://hbs.me/3bT5RSs https://t.co/n6BcOwoLsP
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Apple Watch automatically called 911 after a man fainted
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Apple helped Stanford create a COVID-19 screening app for first responders
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An experimental antiviral medication might help fight the new coronavirus
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Schrödinger Sets Course for IPO to Support Growing Internal Pipeline
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A mind-controlled exoskeleton helped a paralyzed man walk again
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We are so proud of DIPY 1.0.0! A big thank you to all those who helped and to our large user community! Do not forget to checkout out our new website: https://dipy.org !! #diffusion #mri #Software #MachineLearning #Medical #neuroscience #Python #brain https://t.co/9XCqZRqm7K
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Russian doctor has trace of radiation after explosion
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In honor of #InternationalCatDay , here's a thread about how cats helped us understand visual perception, lead to the @NobelPrize in Physiology or Medicine in 1981, and how they inspired a #MachineLearning method... 1/n #Weltkatzentag #WorldCatDay #neuroscience https://t.co/KNAhJKa8yZ
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Jeff Leiden, Who Shaped Vertex Into a CF Force, to Switch Roles
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Scientists Need More Cat DNA, and Lil Bub Is Here to Help
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The Latest: China halts work by team on gene-edited babies
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With OneOncology, Flatiron and Cancer Docs Aim to Boost Community Care
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Be a hacker, save the world — and you can name your price to do it all
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Penn doctors perform the first robot-assisted spinal surgery
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Artificial Intelligence and #MachineLearning helped predict instances of #schizophrenia with 74% accuracy.http://engt.co/2wluXnG #aiforgood #AI #ML #DL #medicine https://t.co/9VXFClJNjn
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Dad says Google Home helped his boy with language deficits to say his first word
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Revolutionary ultrasound smartphone gadget helped a doctor diagnose his own cancer
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Kony Helps Loop Rapidly Deliver New App That Connects Healthcare Providers With Patients and Their Family Members
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Prosthetic talks to the brain, restores touch in man's hand
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Dr. Pepper is not a real doctor, but it could help overloaded schools prioritize patients
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How mobile data visualization helped reduce malaria cases by 93% — Zika could be next
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Virtual reality and exoskeletons helped paraplegics walk again
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Scientists are getting closer to 3D printing you a new ear if you lose one
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Watsi launches 5-day donation campaign after raising $5M to help 5K patients
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This is a story of how unexpected tech can save a life: When a woman walking her dog in California was struck by a car, doctors were desperate to find ...
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M.D. Turned VC Beth Seidenberg To Talk Biotech Startups At Disrupt SF
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Skype Translator helped me speak Spanish for the first time
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Thoughtful.org Is Now A Crowdfunding Platform For Medical Costs And Emergencies
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CareDox is raising a $3.1M booster round for cloud health records