@cnet.com 10 days ago
Blood Pressure Medicine Recall: Discuss the Risks With Your Doctor - CNET
@bgr.com 13 days ago
Study claims tiny particles in the air can cause sudden heart attacks
@9to5mac.com 13 days ago
Apple Watch can help spot another life-threatening heart condition, Mayo Clinic study reveals
@WIRED 1 month ago
Doctomatic is a remote patient-monitoring app which, using any medical device from heart-rate monitors to scales, allows doctors to check in on patients with chronic disease. :Gregori Civera https://wired.trib.al/80BpwK6 5/12 https://t.co/PLl8Etgl2V
@extremetech.com 1 month ago
AI Tool Can Scan a Retina, Predict Heart Disease Risk in Under a Minute
@9to5mac.com 3 months ago
Apple Watch heart attack detection shown to work – but many barriers to real-life use
@techcrunch.com 3 months ago
Diagnostic Robotics has AI catching health problems before they take you to the ER
@ravidugh 3 months ago
AI + ECG heart trace can accurately predict diabetes and pre-diabetes - Medical Xpress https://buff.ly/3bJHvPa @medical_xpress #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #Python #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #IoT https://t.co/KtiuobGMIO
@engadget.com 4 months ago
Pressure mounts on FDA to expand pig-to-human organ transplant research
@techcrunch.com 5 months ago
Regard serves as a “medical co-pilot” for busy physicians
@extremetech.com 5 months ago
Failed Pig Heart Transplant Yields Unexpected Insights
@nih_nhlbi 5 months ago
A #MachineLearning approach has identified three novel subtypes of dilated cardiomyopathy, or enlargement of the heart. The findings in @JACCJournals could lead to precision medicine interventions for the potentially life-threatening condition. https://go.usa.gov/xJ5ya https://t.co/iK35Ou9Eoy
@extremetech.com 5 months ago
A New Biogel Claims to Repair Heart Attack Damage
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WatchOS 9: Sleep Stages, Heart Rate Zones, More Coming to Apple Watch - CNET
@cnet.com 5 months ago
Apple WatchOS 9's New Features Include Sleep Tracking, Medication Reminders - CNET
@cnet.com 5 months ago
Your Apple Watch Will Soon Actually Track Your Sleep - CNET
@engadget.com 5 months ago
watchOS 9 will include improved sleep tracking and medication reminders
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Research says watching TV every day might be slowly killing you
@9to5mac.com 7 months ago
Apple Watch able to detect weak heart pump with adapted Mayo Clinic algorithm
@9to5mac.com 7 months ago
Smartwatch prices prove to be a problem for underrepresented groups in medical research, study finds
@theverge.com 7 months ago
Wearables are too expensive for groups underrepresented in medical research
@engadget.com 8 months ago
Google seeks FDA approval for Fitbit's passive heart rate monitoring tech
@theverge.com 8 months ago
Here’s how an algorithm guides a medical decision 
@engadget.com 8 months ago
Patient dies two months after groundbreaking pig heart transplant
@cnet.com 9 months ago
Doctors Transplant Genetically Modified Pig's Heart Into Human in Medical First - CNET
@extremetech.com 10 months ago
Scientists Transplant Genetically Modified Pig Heart Into a Human
@DrEstebanLopez 1 year ago
We can't control the heart-of-man but we can tear down the structures in healthcare by calling racism by its name and rebuilding - we can control for that through #AI, #MachineLearning , #Data and Analytics & unbiased clinical decision support tools. Show Receipts Medicine #BLM
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Apple Watch can detect arrhythmias other than AFib, Apple/Stanford study shows
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Study finds chewing gum has benefits after heart surgery
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Rice University researchers create a shirt that monitors the heart
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Biofourmis receives FDA breakthrough device designation for heart failure “digital therapy”
@wired.com 1 year ago
This Device Could Tune Your Heart—Then Dissolve Away
@alqenaie 1 year ago
“Data is, and will increasingly be, at the heart of healthcare” Interesting talk by Professor Sir Munir Primohamed @MPUoL about ’Big data and personalised medicine' #primm21 #bigdata https://twitter.com/primm_uk_irl/status/1403290477374357507
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Project highlight: An ECG Analyzer powered by @EdgeImpulse and #machinelearning that classifies heart rate and rhythm data with >90% accuracy, offering important #medical access for rural areas. https://bit.ly/3pAeU1b #DIY #assistivetech https://t.co/VlmzkHBKqF
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Apple Watch and Fitbit users with heart conditions are more likely to get medical procedures
New study shows Apple Watch and Fitbit users are more likely to get medical procedures
@macrumors.com 1 year ago
Apple Watch Users More Likely to Have Medical Procedures on Their Heart, Study Finds
@theverge.com 1 year ago
Apple Watch, Fitbit users with heart conditions get more medical procedures
@MicrochipTech 1 year ago
Create your own wearable medical device to monitor heart rate and help detect falls using the @AWS IoT Core and our AVR-IoT WA. Read the @Hacksterio post to learn how: https://mchp.us/30U4Q80. Learn about our AVR-IoT WA: http://mchp.us/3qYii54. #machinelearning #microchipml #iot https://t.co/m3aFjlR9aG
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Popular omega-3 supplements may spike AFib risk in some people
@MicrochipTech 1 year ago
Create a wearable medical device to monitor heart rate and help detect falls using the @AWS IoT Core and our AVR-IoT WA. Read this @Hacksterio post to learn how: http://mchp.us/30U4Q80. Learn about our AVR-IoT WA: http://mchp.us/3qYii54. #machinelearning #microchipml #iot https://t.co/7EglCECgDw
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If you take this common medication, call your doctor right now
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Researchers devise a way for smart speakers to monitor heart rhythm
@geekwire.com 1 year ago
UW scientists turn Amazon’s Alexa into heart monitoring device using sound waves
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Medical researchers find COVID-19 can cause the death of heart cells
@9to5mac.com 1 year ago
Apple Watch anniversary gift credited with detecting invisible heart condition in 58-year-old
@macrumors.com 1 year ago
Apple Elaborates on Potential for iPhone 12 and MagSafe Accessories to Interfere With Implantable Medical Devices
@adaihueze 1 year ago
I built a heart disease binary classification model based on some common factors and causatives. The article can be found here => https://lnkd.in/d94wfrP #Health #medicine #MachineLearning #DataScience #WomenWhoCode #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbies #womenintech #WomenInSTEM