@michigan_AI 2 days ago
These #MachineLearning approaches from Michigan AI, Michigan Medicine, and the School of Public Health proposes to increase the efficiency of downstream analyses, enabling microbiome research that has the potential to transform future medical care. https://ai.engin.umich.edu/stories/precision-health-in-the-palm-of-your-hand
@wired.com 3 days ago
These Recharge Rooms Are Helping Health Care Workers Cope
@eff.org 3 days ago
Blyncsy’s Patent On Contact Tracing Isn’t A Medical Breakthrough, It’s A Patent Breakdown
@geekwire.com 5 days ago
Health tech giant Hillrom to acquire Seattle startup Bardy Diagnostics for $375M
@venturebeat.com 5 days ago
K Health raises $132 million to launch AI-powered telemedical pediatric service
@LancetDigitalH 5 days ago
NEW Health Policy: 'Approval of #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning-based #medical devices in the USA and Europe (2015–20): a comparative analysis'. #regulation @Unispital_USZ @UZH_en https://bit.ly/38VsLsd https://t.co/EUTbZOqy8T
@geekwire.com 9 days ago
Health benefits platform Accolade will pay $460M to acquire telemedicine startup 2nd.MD
@cnet.com 10 days ago
Digital health care: Better than the doctor's office? - CNET
@M_Gerontology 11 days ago
"Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Public Health " #MedicReS #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData #public #Health https://buff.ly/3lvydoP https://t.co/iPTMFyCTa9
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Curious about #AI and #MachineLearning 🤖 partnerships for global health impact? #Health‍data sharing? Ethical considerations? Then you should join us at the #ICT4D Partnerships Conference January 12 by @Accenture with @USAID, @dimagi, @NovartisFDN, @Medic, and @CRS_Expertise! https://t.co/UwVzISYete
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Researchers invent microfiber tech for delivering and activating drugs in the brain
@machinelearnflx 1 month ago
Data Science for Biological, Medical and Health Research: Notes for PQHS/CRSP/MPHP 431 https://thomaselove.github.io/431-notes/ #DataScience
@engadget.com 1 month ago
AI gauges the mental health of cancer patients through eye movements
@abcnews.go.com 1 month ago
Demand is low for COVID-19 antibody drugs but shortages loom
@Blockchain_exp 1 month ago
The Four Major Trends Leading The Health Tech Industry https://autome.me/the-four-major-trends-leading-the-health-tech-industry/ #eHealth #digitalhealth #Healthcare #Medicine #MedTech #AI #Bigdata #IoT #Robotics #Technology @SpirosMargaris @jblefevre60 @Paula_Piccard @alvinfoo @Nicochan33 Via @automeme
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#CES2021 Featured Speaker Dr. David Rhew (@drhew) Chief Medical Officer @Microsoft Public Health Innovation at Warp Speed https://bit.ly/2IPu0zd https://t.co/vZmrXHYQRB
@tech.eu 1 month ago
Polish mobile clinic startup Jutro Medical collects €1.4 million in pre-seed funding
@milos_agathon 1 month ago
On the International Universal Health Coverage Day, I mapped the number of medical doctors per 100,000 inhabitants Top 5 🇪🇸 Ceuta: 831 🇬🇷Athens: 792 🇨🇿Prague: 738 🇬🇷Arta: 695 🇦🇹 Vienna: 679 #UniversalHealthCoverageDay #healthcare #dataviz #datascience #maps #rstats https://t.co/wNnmmMsZgN
@spcanelon 1 month ago
Here are some excellent #Rstats books written by @thomaselove for a two-part course on #DataScience for Biological, Medical and Health Research Part 1: https://thomaselove.github.io/431-notes/ Part 2: https://thomaselove.github.io/432-notes/ Tips for building Table 1: https://thomaselove.github.io/432-notes/building-table-1.html H/T: @MaryRBoland
@androidpolice.com 1 month ago
Google wants to crowdsource data for medial research with its new Health Studies app
Google’s new Android app lets you contribute to health research
@neowin.net 1 month ago
Google launches new app to let Android users participate in health research
@9to5google.com 1 month ago
New Google Health tool helps plan medical visits, rolling out to Search
@9to5google.com 1 month ago
New Google Health tool helps plan medical visits, rolling out to Search
@engadget.com 1 month ago
Scientists might know why astronauts develop health problems in space
@meisshaily 1 month ago
https://www.wsj.com/articles/tech-medical-sector-convergence-leads-to-opportunity-for-digital-health-startups-11606302001?tpl=vc Tech, Medical Sector Convergence Leads to Opportunity for Digital-Health Startups CC #RPA #MachineLearning #EmergingTechnologies #Analytics
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During yesterday's #GoodTechFest, @ecsalomon highlighted our partnership with @DataKind + the critical work of advancing #DataScience for health equity. ⬇️ https://twitter.com/DataKind/status/1329128685945958404
@slashgear.com 2 months ago
Harvard study finds big benefits to 12-minute bursts of exercise
@slashgear.com 2 months ago
Study finds 20 percent of COVID-19 patients receive a psychiatric diagnosis
AI is wrestling with a replication crisis
@venturebeat.com 2 months ago
Cota Health raises $10 million to aggregate and analyze oncology data
@zdnet.com 2 months ago
CSIRO and DXC land medical terminology server deal with UK's National Health Service
Biden has unveiled his covid-19 task force
@tech.eu 2 months ago
Swedish medtech startup Mendi crowdfunds €3 million for neurofeedback device
@JAMA_current 2 months ago
The @US_FDA is launching a Digital Health Center of Excellence to advance technologies including #wearables and mobile health devices, #AI and #MachineLearning-based health technologies for disease detection, and reducing medical device cybersecurity risks https://ja.ma/2TWfdo1
@JoeRosenbergLaw 2 months ago
#VoteHimOut Weak tea is better for public health than a toxic brew, we can live to fight another day, & look forward to creating Democracy anew. #MedicareForAll #GreenNewDeal #ImmigrationMatters #VotingRights #DefundThePolice #DataScience @newyorkcares https://t.co/en29RKaOV4
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Apple Watch ECG, AFib features coming to South Korea soon
@miguearmengol 2 months ago
We are inviting papers exploring ways to reduce #MachineLearning bias in healthcare or create algorithms that specifically alleviate inequalities. Publish your research in the British Medical Journal Health and Care Informatics. #FairnessMedicalML https://twitter.com/MITCriticalData/status/1323337994519064578
@engadget.com 2 months ago
FBI warns hospitals of 'increased and imminent' ransomware threat
@slashgear.com 2 months ago
Eating fish and certain nuts together may offer protection after heart attack
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Looking for talented researcher in health data analytics to join my team with @JianhuaWu6. #jobs #researchfellow #healthdata #bigdata #datascience #statistics @LeedsMedHealth @MedicineDean https://twitter.com/uolmultimorbepi/status/1320658174018551808
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Health Records on iPhone is now available in Canada
@neowin.net 3 months ago
Apple rolls out Health Records feature to iPhone users in the UK and Canada
@zdnet.com 3 months ago
Apple just expanded the reach of its iPhone health records feature
@cnet.com 3 months ago
Apple Health app now consolidates patients' medical records in UK, Canada - CNET
@idownloadblog.com 3 months ago
Apple launches the Health Records feature in the United Kingdom and Canada
@slashgear.com 3 months ago
COVID-19 discovery paves way for new class of non-opioid painkillers
@slashgear.com 3 months ago
Cambridge researchers develop invisible fibers for health monitoring