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How a Romanian MedTech startup helped US doctors treat refugee Ukrainian cancer patients
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Breakthrough chemical may heal wounds twice as fast
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People in the Amazon are raising stingless bees that make medicinal honey
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How to heal in Dying Light 2
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Munich’s digital healthcare startup Avi Medical raises €28.5 million in Series A financing
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Researchers discover a way to make wounds heal without forming scar tissue
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Berlin-based Heal Capital invests in medtech Moray Medical
How robotic exoskeletons can help paraplegic patients heal from injuries
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Combining turkey amino acid with probiotics may help heal gluten damage
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Amsterdam-based Siilo’s secure medical messaging app secures $10.5 million Series A
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Researchers create self-healing polymer material
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🤚🦾#WearableTech : #polymer Skin can fully heal itself ‼️ #Medical #innovative #ArtificialIntelligence #IA #technews #IoT #MedicalDevices #DigitalHealth #sensors #Biometrics #3Dprinted #BigData https://t.co/9SOGOj3xaV
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UConn researchers design new wireless smart-bandage to heal wounds
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Scientists create gut gel 'band-aid' made from the body's own bacteria
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Sequoia-backed Whole Biome wants to heal your gut with medical-grade probiotics
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UV-activated superglue could literally help to heal broken hearts
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NFL tech competition winners reduce concussions and heal with light
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DermaClip Ramps Up for U.S. Sales Push of Wound-Healing Device
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Handheld skin printer could help heal burn victims
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Robomed: Improving Healthcare with Blockchain Technology
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Heal plans nationwide expansion for doctor house calls on demand
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Severe burns can heal faster with this 3-D skin printer
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This plant-based gel stops bleeding in seconds.
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This stem cell gun helps burn victims regrow their skin in just a few days
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Bringing doctors to patients for on-demand house calls, Heal raises $26.9 million
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Smart stitches send doctors information on wounds as they heal
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Overwatch’s Twitter teases first new character: a sniper-medic
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GDC 2016: 'Hearts Medicine: Time to Heal' Brings a Plot Line to Time Management
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#bigpharma #bigdata #economy #medical #industry #prisonplanet #awaken #Meditation has been shown to heal the #BRAIN https://twitter.com/PopSci/status/691742477561122816
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Circle Medical Brings A Full Service Medical Practice To You