@OlyaKudina 4 days ago
Happy to share our new paper with @DeJaZegger on a responsible integration of #MachineLearning in medical diagnostics, published today #openaccess in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/jep.13535 #bias #AIethics #bioethics
@theWittySquare 5 days ago
I am happy to announce that my laboratory is now officially associated with the the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology @BIMSB_MDC. Looking forward to new opportunities #datascience #personalizedMedicine #lifesciences https://thewittysquare.eu/
@OrodRazeghi 5 months ago
Happy Friday CemrgAppers! CemrgApp's paper is out. Don't forget to cite us, if you use our interactive medical imaging platform for your cardiovascular research :) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352711020302831 #CemrgApp #MedicalImaging #ComputerVision #MachineLearning
@MetabolomicsHub 10 months ago
Happy #WomensDay2020 to all the wonderful #womeninSTEM !! I’m interested in #chemistry & #bigdata applied to #medicine https://t.co/SVK4T4KBoE
@PfeiferLab 1 year ago
Happy Holidays, Tweeps! Time to slow down and recharge for more brilliant #MedicalInformatics projects and collaborations in 2020! #Bioinformatics #MachineLearning #MedicalIT #MedicalDataScience via @pedromics https://t.co/AMWTT0pX7F
@raamana_ 1 year ago
Hi @geoffreyhinton, claiming #DeepLearning will replace radiologists in 5yrs is outrageous. I'll be happy to explain the challenges and why we the domain experts call it computer-AIDED diagnosis, not automated Dx. https://youtu.be/2HMPRXstSvQ #medicine #AI @GaryMarcus #MachineLearning
@ccn.com 1 year ago
Happy Danksgiving! Marijuana Dispensaries Chill Prices for Black Friday
@bgr.com 1 year ago
People won’t stop growing pot on public land
@Primary_Immune 1 year ago
I have access to ~98% of medical journals. If anyone ever needs a paywalled article, shoot me a Twitter DM, I'll be happy to oblige. #IoT #ITRTG #BigData #SciComm #RareDiseases #OpenScience
@ooliverdiaz 1 year ago
Happy to be part of the #ArtificialIntelligence Working Group of @EFOMP_org . #AI will indeed be key on the future #training of #MedicalPhysicists . Final WG composition already available in https://www.efomp.org/index.php?r=news/view&id=110 #BigData #DeepLearning #QC
@thenextweb.com 1 year ago
Happy 4/20: Here’s some science to shut up the cannabis haters
@thenextweb.com 3 years ago
I enlisted a free AI to troll email scammers – it was hilariously effective
@newsbtc.com 3 years ago
Makers of the World’s First Blockchain-Integrated Medical Device Launch Second Phase of Token Sale
@bizcarson 4 years ago
I've over-corrected on the whole jet lag thing. There's gotta be a happy medium between waking up at 4am or 8am.
@theverge.com 4 years ago
Dark Matter is a blockbuster read that channels Michael Crichton
@thenextweb.com 5 years ago
Who is Happy shares your joy at smoking a joint, but what’s the point?
@WIRED 5 years ago
Research indicates that your dog can tell when you're happy -- and when you're really pissed off.
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Qardio Releases A Connected Scale And Blood Pressure Cuff
@om 6 years ago
Way too happy gate attendants and then really surly flight attendants -- someone needs to modify @VirginAmerica medications to add normalcy