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Cerba Lancet Africa Joins Hands with CMC Networks to Enhance African Healthcare Sector
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Heart failure monitoring startup, Acorai, turns heads with oversubscribed seed
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The ARC nerve-stimulation system could help quadriplegic patients move their arms again
@engadget.com 7 months ago
The ARC nerve-stimulation system could help quadriplegic patients move their arms again
@mobilesyrup.com 9 months ago
AI-brain implant helped patient gain feeling in his hand again
@WIRED 10 months ago
Evgen Vorobiov bulk-buys crucial medical supplies on Amazon then uses his legal expertise to get them swiftly across the border from Poland into Ukraine—and then into the hands of soldiers on the frontline. : Mark Harris https://t.co/DCwDzOn7sO
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Fynn raises $36M for a platform to finance students in vocational education
Not medical advice: Bitcoiner implants Lightning chip to make BTC payments by hand
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watchOS 9 hands-on: new and updated Apple Watch faces
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Medication intelligence platform Synapse Medicine raises €25 million
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Minneapolis Oversight Board Says Police Department Should Ditch 'Excited Delirium' Training
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Australian government hands out AU$79m to fund digital health tech development
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Panasonic Toughbook G2 hands-on: Rugged computing ready for combat
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How breaking down a medicine to its atomic parts can help fight counterfeits
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Still accepting applications for this innovative & hands-on new MSc programme from SBI, with modules in #PrecisionOncology, #MachineLearning, #Statistics for Human Genetics, #AI for personalized medicine, #Bioinformatics & more. @ucdscience @UCDMedicine https://bit.ly/2VURyFZ
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Control these prosthetic hands with your mind via @mashable #michigan #health #medicine #tech #digital #data #bigdata #TechNews https://t.co/uUtaAuuyGl
Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story.
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Self-driving shuttles are ferrying COVID-19 tests at a Florida clinic
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How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
@digitaltrends.com 4 years ago
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
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China coronavirus “surge” was a change in counting method [UPDATE]
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3D printing body parts is close — but it needs proper regulation
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Hands-On Machine Learning with scikit-learn and Python https://www.couponed12.com/2020/01/hands-on-machine-learning-with-scikit.html #ArtificialIntelligence #DeepLearning #DataScience #Medicine #MachineLearning #Healthcare #ML #HealthTech #deeplearn2019 #hadoop #BigData #Django #Python #100DaysOfCode #webdevelopment #udemy
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Apple Research hands-on: Want to share years of personal data for free?
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Dog kisses blamed for devastating infection that cost a woman her hands and legs
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The Morning After: Holding the Galaxy Fold
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Epic Working to Help Patients Keep Their Health Data in Safe Hands
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$40 keychain-size detector quickly alerts you of allergens in food
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Apple aims to get an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient
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Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice controlled technology
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Japet’s Atlas device uses exoskeleton technology to relieve and rehabilitate back pain
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Willow’s wireless breast pump is the wearable women might actually want
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Open Bionics partners with NHS for a feasibility study to bring bionic hands to the U.K. health system
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Tiny wearable robots drive around your body, are extra pair of hands
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Brain implant used to restore paralyzed man’s sense of touch
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Philips Hue gets a $40 motion sensor add-on so you can go hands-free
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The new face of data leaks is fuzzy
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Hands on with Hero, the pill-dispensing robot
Must read: top 10 Android stories of the week
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Higher taxes and caution in marketing can keep weed away from kids
@WIRED 9 years ago
The first five apps built with ResearchKit are available today, and they’re built to help diagnose various disorders.
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Scanadu’s New Pee Stick Puts The Medical Lab On Your Smartphone
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How 51 Shades Of Licensing Is Killing Our Economy
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FDA makes official its hands-off approach to regulating health apps and medical software