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How breaking down a medicine to its atomic parts can help fight counterfeits
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Still accepting applications for this innovative & hands-on new MSc programme from SBI, with modules in #PrecisionOncology, #MachineLearning, #Statistics for Human Genetics, #AI for personalized medicine, #Bioinformatics & more. @ucdscience @UCDMedicine https://bit.ly/2VURyFZ
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Control these prosthetic hands with your mind via @mashable #michigan #health #medicine #tech #digital #data #bigdata #TechNews https://t.co/uUtaAuuyGl
Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story.
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Self-driving shuttles are ferrying COVID-19 tests at a Florida clinic
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
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China coronavirus “surge” was a change in counting method [UPDATE]
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3D printing body parts is close — but it needs proper regulation
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Hands-On Machine Learning with scikit-learn and Python https://www.couponed12.com/2020/01/hands-on-machine-learning-with-scikit.html #ArtificialIntelligence #DeepLearning #DataScience #Medicine #MachineLearning #Healthcare #ML #HealthTech #deeplearn2019 #hadoop #BigData #Django #Python #100DaysOfCode #webdevelopment #udemy
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Apple Research hands-on: Want to share years of personal data for free?
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Dog kisses blamed for devastating infection that cost a woman her hands and legs
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The Morning After: Holding the Galaxy Fold
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Epic Working to Help Patients Keep Their Health Data in Safe Hands
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$40 keychain-size detector quickly alerts you of allergens in food
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Apple aims to get an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient
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Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice controlled technology
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Japet’s Atlas device uses exoskeleton technology to relieve and rehabilitate back pain
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Willow’s wireless breast pump is the wearable women might actually want
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Open Bionics partners with NHS for a feasibility study to bring bionic hands to the U.K. health system
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Tiny wearable robots drive around your body, are extra pair of hands
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Brain implant used to restore paralyzed man’s sense of touch
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Philips Hue gets a $40 motion sensor add-on so you can go hands-free
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The new face of data leaks is fuzzy
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Hands on with Hero, the pill-dispensing robot
Must read: top 10 Android stories of the week
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Higher taxes and caution in marketing can keep weed away from kids
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The first five apps built with ResearchKit are available today, and they’re built to help diagnose various disorders.
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Scanadu’s New Pee Stick Puts The Medical Lab On Your Smartphone
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How 51 Shades Of Licensing Is Killing Our Economy
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FDA makes official its hands-off approach to regulating health apps and medical software