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India ordered Facebook and Twitter to remove posts criticizing its poor handling of the pandemic
@bgr.com 6 months ago
Coronavirus vaccinations to start as soon as Monday, but Pfizer drug supply will be limited
@SynBioBeta 6 months ago
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have combined #syntheticbiology with a #machinelearning algorithm to create human liver organoids with blood- and bile-handling systems. https://bit.ly/36SDl2h #synbio
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WHO: COVID-19 control possible with consistency and vigilance
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CDC shuts down military virus lab after failed safety inspection
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The True Dollar Cost of the Anti-Vaccine Movement
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Artificial intelligence is changing the face of plastic surgery
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Uber executive could face criminal charges over handling of rape victim’s records, experts say
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Google’s DeepMind made ‘inexcusable’ errors handling UK health data, says report
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Google’s AI subsidiary turns to blockchain technology to track UK health data
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The Xbox One S is the most beautiful game console out there
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Feds say agile development contributed to Healthcare.gov failure