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Half of US citizens would share medical data beyond COVID-19 despite surveillance state worries
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Good read The rise of #AI in #medicine https://bit.ly/2VKVuck #fintech #insurtech #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #robotics @Cambridge_Uni #healthcare @ahier https://t.co/gx39L6jEWl
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Mount Sinai study suggests social media may help some people keep active during COVID-19 lockdown
Alumni in the coronavirus conversation
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Under Armour made a face mask: Good luck trying to find one
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The 1⃣1⃣th case of a Primary Immunodeficiency patient with COVID-19 to enter medical literature - good news: recovered + discharged https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-28155/v1 #serverless #iot #rstats #meded #openscience #snrtg #bigdata #covid19 #immunology #PrimaryImmunodeficiency #RareDisease https://t.co/dsRCMJDXVI
@Primary_Immune 5 months ago
A pretty good week for #PrimaryImmunodeficiency research - genomic science solves a decades-long medical mystery - a never before identified STAT1 mutation decoded https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2020.00967/abstract #scicomm #iot #rstats #bigdata #genomics #immunology #raredisease https://t.co/7RFDy5m8lP
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Apple COVID-19 mobility trend data released for the public good
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Exclusive deal: Wireless noise cancelling headphones this good shouldn’t cost $34
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How Un-Miracle Drugs Could Help Tame the Pandemic
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Why isn't AI helping us today with COVID-19?
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Grey's Anatomy, other medical TV shows halted by coronavirus donate masks to hospitals - CNET
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Medical TV shows halted by coronavirus donate masks, gloves to real hospitals - CNET
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Looming ventilator shortage amid pandemic sparks rise of open-source DIY medical kit. Good thinking – but safe?
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Verily COVID-19 website will screen eligible testing candidates
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More good news: Medical equipment is still prone to hacker attacks
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UK.gov is not sharing Brits' medical data among different agencies... but it's having a jolly good think about it
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Why is everyone in #medicine #ecology #paleontology etc having to play at #DataScience without proper training? And how is that hurting integrity and reproducibility? Good thread, based on a good article: https://medium.com/@darren_dahly/a-brief-history-of-medical-statistics-and-its-role-in-reproducibility-23e31082f024 https://twitter.com/betanalpha/status/1229098931566653442
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Anxiety study shows common factors in feeling better
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Phonak Virto Black hearing aids look like regular wireless earbuds
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The Mateo bath mat can monitor your weight, posture and even your shoe size
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"#MachineLearning is revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain." Read how @ucsc engineer Narges Norouzi creates algorithms to improve medical outcomes for patients in our Good Engineering series: http://bit.ly/GENarges #womeninSTEM #WomenInTech https://t.co/G4eFzg0Aoh
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How glow-in-the-dark vampire bats are helping scientists solve a $50M problem
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Apple Research hands-on: Want to share years of personal data for free?
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Vaping may be worse on cholesterol and blood flow than smoking
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Google rushes to explain what it’s doing with all that medical data
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Good news everyone! I've just built the @NHSNSS's (with @DataLabScotland ) Synthetic Medical Data System, alpha version. I'm looking for people to check the code and play around with it/feed back :D #Community 1/2 #Data #Innovation #DataScience #Medical #MachineLearning #AI https://t.co/UA6IL0QGI1
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The Morning After: 'Death Stranding' is here -- but is it a good game?
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Eysenk's astonishing work on "cancer personality". If results are too good to be true, there is usually a good reason for this Highly relevant to current work on #MachineLearning in neuroimaging and Medicine. Real life is too complex for >>90% accuracy https://cosmosmagazine.com/society/is-this-one-of-the-worst-scientific-scandals-of-all-time
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Drug Pricing: Innovation, Investment, and the Public Good
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“#MachineLearning is particularly good at identifying patterns, which is deeply relevant to assessing patient risk. Risk scores are useful for communicating patient state, which is valuable in making efficient care decisions.” http://ow.ly/bAfz30px9lg #Healthcare #Medicine #AI
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Medical device cybersecurity will be rubbish for 20 more years
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Startup Spotlight: YouScript warns doctors of ‘metabolic traffic jams’ caused by prescription drugs
In the US? Using Medicaid? There's a good chance DXC is about to boot your data into the AWS cloud
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A.I. Took a Test to Detect Lung Cancer. It Got an A.  https://techsocialnetwork.co.uk/2019/05/21/a-i-took-a-test-to-detect-lung-cancer-it-got-an-a/ We had to share this one, AI crossing boundaries for the good of the human race. How many more applications of AI will there be in medicine.  #ai #artificialintelligence #coding #machinelearning https://t.co/YO1pwb5AP7
@jose_garde 1 year ago
Know What’s Good for Your Health? Artificial Intelligence https://www.bu.edu/today/2019/data-science-and-medicine/ … #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #aI #medicine #healthcare #healthcareIT #DataScience #Health
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SmileDirectClub plans to 3D print 50,000 teeth-straightening molds a day
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Tencent promises its technology will ‘do good’
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Thousands of ‘take action’ messages to lawmakers exposed by political advocacy giant
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Bio Roundup: Sage Postpartum Help, Biogen Bids Adu, Heart Beats & More
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How AI, blockchain, and wearables are changing the face of healthcare
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San Antonio Seeks to Be Known as Silicon Valley of Military Medicine
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Theranos is shutting down its fraudulent blood testing business
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Theranos is shutting its doors for good
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WSJ reports that Theranos will finally dissolve
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Drone development should focus on social good first, says UK report
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Using tech and $100m, Dr Consulta transforms healthcare for the poorest
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Teaching computers to plan for the future