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Barcelona-based IOMED gets €2 million to turn medical records into structured data
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Germany's COVID-19 contact tracing app arrives this week
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Immunity Passports Are a Threat to Our Privacy and Information Security
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Australia rolls out COVID-19 tracking app with privacy concerns
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Nvidia launches Project MONAI AI framework for health care research in alpha
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FundamentalVR raises £4.3 million to develop flight simulator for surgeons, backed by Mayo Clinic
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German tech investor leads Series A for Germany’s first medical Cannabis startup
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Bio Roundup: Alzheimer’s Puzzle, ESMO Assessed, Drug Prices & More
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AI could help reduce the administrative costs of health care
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European medical booking platform Doctena acquires Germany’s Doxter
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IBM to pour $200 million into Watson Internet of Things A.I. business in Munich
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This photo is the most beautiful depiction of our allergy nightmare