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R Views - May 2020: "Top 40" New CRAN Packages @RStudioJoe highlighting 40 of the 180 R-packages added in May. Categories include Finance, Genomics, Marketing, ML, Medicine, Science, Statistics, Time Series, Utilities, & Visualization. https://buff.ly/2YN7hJc #rstats #DataScience
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Explore San Diego’s Precision Medicine and Genomics Sector in Xconomy’s New Podcast and Special Report
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Podcast: How San Diego is Building a Biotech Ecosystem – Genomics & Precision Medicine Experts Weigh in
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Great to see UKI2S-funded @eaglegen selected for @TechNation’s Upscale 5.0 programme! Eagle Genomics are using #machinelearning to help bring #medicines to patients. The programme will help the Company to #accelerate its growth https://bit.ly/2VnO6nZ https://t.co/msvfTA100V
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Early Bird Sale Ending for San Diego’s Xcelerating Life Sciences Conference
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Yesterday our founder @ihmedrano talked about the link between AI, #MachineLearning, use of data & its applications to #genomics and medical practice at the @WEAHSN Genomics & the #FutureofCare meeting in Bristol, UK. @sw_ahsn https://t.co/QbMcnd9zqA
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Rare disease relevance and beyond in an insightful year-in-review genomics piece - "Research into genomic medicine implementation is moving forward briskly..." https://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(19)30427-6 #serverless #iot #SciComm #rstats #MedEd #OpenScience #ITRTG #BigData #genomics #RareDisease https://t.co/BqNp6jd2ki
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INCREDIBLE. Genomics solves a medical mystery dating all the way back to 1968! -An extremely long "diagnostic odyssey" ended thanks to modern DNA science https://uchicagomedicine.org/forefront/gastrointestinal-articles/2019/october/gene-discovery-solves-51-year-old-mystery-cause-of-inherited-pancreatitis #SciComm #SNRTG #MedEd #technology #genomics #genetics #RareDisease #OpenScience #STEM #BigData #IoT https://t.co/MPzcy0YtWD
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Verily, Alphabet’s other money-making, non-Google business, partners with Color on genetic analysis
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SpringWorks and Satsuma Boost This Week’s Biotech IPO Haul to $595M
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Expire soon: @BCAMBilbao -#DeepLearning -#Modeling -#MachineLearning -#AI @Dmc2Cabd -Organ #morphogenesis @CRGenomica -#Genomics -#Bioinformatics @IGFAE_HEP -Nuclear particle physics @bcbl_ -Neuroscience-learning @IBECBarcelona -#Nanoparticle-medicine @nanoGUNE -#Nanotech https://t.co/rUPURUfs3D
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Genomics pioneer Lee Hood launches new institute to fight Alzheimer’s with data and wellness
@geekwire.com 1 year ago
Genomics pioneer Lee Hood says biological age will be key to the future of medicine
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Dr. Andreas M Kogelnik, Open Medicine Institute, talking about using genomics, proteomics, and data revolution to find a cure for Lyme disease. #BigData #LymeInnovation #TippingPoint #OpenScience #Omics https://t.co/FVdT1AL3Fn
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Ireland to Sequence 400K Genomes With New Precision Medicine Effort
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⚡️@HubSparks designs and develops #BigData applications for: ✔️#Healthcare ✔️#HealthIT ✔️#MedTech ✔️#Medical Research ✔️#Genomics ✔️#Bioscience ✔️#RenewableEnergy VonVictor Valentino @Rosenchild Founder, Chairman, President and CEO @HubBucket Inc. | New York, NY https://t.co/ja3s28kKrW
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Your Life Decoded, December 2007 “For a long time, WIRED didn’t cover much health care or medicine... The biggest shift was the arrival of true consumer genomics, and we were lucky enough to get an exclusive on 23andMe in 2007.” https://wired.trib.al/ot3amNA 4/ https://t.co/qoYbqBeWxv
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Delighted to have the support of Enterprise Ireland @Entirl again for a 3rd year! Congrats to the finalists for the Award for the Best use of #DataScience in #SME. Core, Genomics Medicine Ireland , HerdInsights and Scully Analytics #DatSciAwards https://t.co/oI1hCShCGh
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"In health care, and specifically in genomics, #BigData is key to getting insights into the cause of many medical conditions," says Dekel Gelbman, CEO of FDNA and speaker at Stanford Medicine's upcoming #BigDataMed event. https://stan.md/2IqF3Jt
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Project Interlinking Blockchain and Genomics Raises $824k Ahead of ICO Closure
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PierianDx’s Partner Sharing Network Achieves Critical Mass with New Wave of Customers Adopting Clinical Genomicist Workspace (CGW)
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Medicinal Genomics Seeks to Put Cannabis on the Blockchain
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Genetic Sudoku is here, and it vastly speeds genomic analysis
@newsbtc.com 3 years ago
Medicinal Genomics Puts Mary Jane on Blockchain
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National Cancer Institute Extends Scope of Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot
This Company Uses Bitcoin Blockchain For Medical Marijuana DNA Sequencing
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Genomics is the next frontier of medicine ~ Jacob Yundt #healthcare @UPMCnews @IBMPowerSystems #Hadoop #IBMEdge https://t.co/EF6H9CWnyc
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WOW Genomics Predicted 2b largest contributor to Big Data by 2020, due to dramatic drop in $ #TGF #BigData #medicine https://t.co/FUAaFgaF7k
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Data-driven medicine, integrating genomics: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jenniferhicks/2016/07/27/artificial-intelligence-and-data-driven-medicine/#61e05a8d5af8#SophiaGenetics #AI #DataScience #BigData #PrecisionMedicine
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#BigData is trending! Read our blog post from 2014 that discusses the topic of big data in genomics #genomics #genetics #health #medicine
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Innovation in genomics and the future of medtech
@WIRED 4 years ago
This is the "personalized medicine" future you've heard so much about.
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Genomics and the rise of precision weight loss
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Genomics, Big Data Bring Precision Medicine to Pediatric #Cancer #BigData #genomics http://healthitanalytics.com/news/genomics-big-data-bring-precision-medicine-to-pediatric-cancer
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Startup claims its test finds cancer early, but where’s the evidence?
@WIRED 5 years ago
Cofactor is an RNA sequencing company that's turning away from drug discovery for big pharma toward consumer diagnostics.
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#BigData + Big Genomics + Big Pharma = how Informatics & #DataScience will play major role in the future of medicine: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2014/12/23/big-datas-bina-acquired-by-big-pharmas-roche.html
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IBM Watson invests in personal health company