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FREE webinar for #dataSciENtist interested in the #healthcare industry. Register: https://edu.omicslogic.com/data-science-for-biomedical-data ‍Today, 9:00 AM CST || 8:30 PM IST #machinelearning #ArtificialIntelligence #medicine and #Health #Bioinformatics #HealthTech #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter https://t.co/2Lxcy3On2M
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Interpretable Segmentation of Medical Free-Text Records Based on Word Embeddings {https://www.r-bloggers.com/?p=230927} #rstats #DataScience
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Kiwi Bio aims to free irritable bowel syndrome sufferers from restrictive diets
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Are you a student or a trainee interested in #AI, #MachineLearning, #DataScience and/or #Medicine? #DataScienceHealth2021 is offering free registrations to young academics like you! Join our discussion around cutting-edge #datascience health research and earn @UBCCPD credits! https://t.co/utk6V0PXEB
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Habitual is using digital support plus food replacement to help reverse type 2 diabetes
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GraphWear closes $20.5M Series B for a needle-free, nanotech-powered glucose monitor
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Our series of "#MachineLearning in Medicine" summer schools features its 7th edition on September 20-22 this month, live and free on YouTube, with lots of exciting talks. You are welcome to tune in! https://mlfpm.eu/3rd-mlfpm-summer-school/ @MLFPM_ITN
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Inspired by Airbnb, Hims & Hers offers 10,000 free medical visits to displaced Afghan refugees
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#HealthTech #MachineLearning @StanfordHAI Releases Its Free Open-Source Repository Of Medical Datasets For #AI Research https://www.marktechpost.com/2021/08/05/stanford-aimi-releases-its-free-open-source-repository-of-medical-datasets-for-artificial-intelligence-ai-research v/ @asifrazzaq1988 #TechForGood source: https://hai.stanford.edu/news/open-source-movement-comes-medical-datasets AI Platform: https://stanfordaimi.azurewebsites.net Cc @DeepLearn007 @EvanKirstel https://t.co/iEnW2wLgLf
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FREE eBook! Fascinated how #machinelearning is revolutionizing everything from business, medical technology, disaster prediction, even the arts? Jumpstart your way into #ML with Exploring Machine learning with R and mlr a free eBook: http://mng.bz/DR9E @HRJ21 #rstats https://t.co/cfoaPM7aLT
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World Health Organization launches free yoga app on Android and iOS
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We'll be hosting a #D-BSSE eSymposium on #MachineLearning in #Medicine tomorrow (June 1, 15:30 CEST) and you can watch it for free on Zoom. Link on: https://bsse.ethz.ch/news-and-events/events/d-bsse-esymposium-1-june-2021.html @ETH_BSSE @AGKBorgwardt @schwabpa @michal_zvi
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This Friday, May 28th at 14:30 --> ESICM Datathon Grand Finale. Join us for the best of the best in data science for intensive care medicine Free event, register now: https://esicm-tv.org/fr/live/datathon-2021-grand-final/3e4f2760870eb7eb7238478d51dbb192b87f07e9 #ai #ml #datascience #icu @ESICM @avkwong https://t.co/I7dg0TizDo
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🧬⚕️ Hey @UofT @UTM @UTSC and affiliated institutions and #hospitals! Become a T-CAIREM and help transform healthcare through #AI. Membership is free! • Details: http://ow.ly/JN7H50EN5GD • #artificialintelligence #STEM #research #datascience #medicine https://t.co/Vcqk9a2Rl0
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Laughter is the best medicine. Doctors offer it free sometime #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Maths #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode #selfdrivingcars https://t.co/HpBdBpc8L7
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Study finds your favorite ‘pure’ CBD products may have a lot of THC
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One Medical charged some patients a fee for the COVID-19 vaccine
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Amazon is offering Prime at 50% off for government assistance recipients
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Vibrant raises $7.5M for a drug-free mechanical pill to treat constipation
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Getting ready for the exciting @MLFPM_ITN winter symposium on #MachineLearning in #Medicine, starting in half an hour. Free live stream link and schedule on https://mlfpm.eu/events/mlfpm-winter-symposium-2021/ @fabian_theis @Mniepert @NatasaPrzulj @mmbronstein @dana_peer @david_sontag
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One week to go until our @MLFPM_ITN winter symposium on #MachineLearning in #Medicine on March 11 with an outstanding lineup of speakers! @NatasaPrzulj @dana_peer @fabian_theis @mmbronstein @david_sontag @Mniepert w/ free live broadcast on YouTube! 8:30 - 17:00 CET https://twitter.com/MLFPM_ITN/status/1367513246014529539
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Save $400 on Eargo Neo HiFi, next-generation invisible in-ear hearing aids - CNET
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Dr. Fauci says once you get your COVID vaccine, it’s safe to go mask-free around these people
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Global thought leaders will be presenting at the ACCELERATE Conference, the #DHDP's first networking meeting. They will be discussing how to accelerate precision medicine through #BigData and #AI. Free Live Stream ️ Feb 24 & 25 Learn more: https://bit.ly/3bpGEiq https://t.co/ZdOIPYbCMH
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Are you interested in #MachineLearning and #Medicine #Neurosurgery #Neuroscience? Have you already registered for our online symposium on January 21st 2021? http://www.micnlab.com/symposium Registration is completely free of charge, and prior knowledge of machine learning is not required https://t.co/aS7xbMOYY3
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Join the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine @CC4AIM on Friday 22 January to find out how #AI and #machinelearning are transforming medicine and bioscience. Tickets are free – find out more https://bit.ly/3if4Mr0 https://t.co/VBIQzZTRzi
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Amazon Pharmacy: Online drugstore and Prime Rx discounts extend tech giant’s reach into healthcare
The best free anatomy apps for Mac for medical students
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Sinus troubles? Save $34 on the medication-free Tivic ClearUP device - CNET
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I can only imagine the #disruption $ocean will cause in the #DataScience world but let's go past monetary value and see the #addedvalue of a free #data and #dataprocessing market and the #benefits for #medicalresearch #ethereum nodes should be repurposed after the move to #POS https://twitter.com/AltcoinBender/status/1293250839797207040
How to watch Scrubs online: Binge the iconic medical sitcom for free
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I'll be sharing a bit of an introduction to #machinelearning/#deeplearning in #biology and #medicine on Tuesday. Free registration if you want to listen! Then, on Thursday @jaclyn_taroni discusses machine learning and #rarediseases. Register for both to get the full experience! https://twitter.com/LemonadeJay/status/1283882005902524418
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LG TONE Free earbuds released in USA, kill germs with light
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Hey learners - if you're looking for more #rdm, #datamanagement & #DataScience learning opportunities, check out @jgolds2's Bio-Medical RDM class (https://bit.ly/2YWBp5j), @thecarpentries, @DataONEorg, and @harvardx has some free classes (https://bit.ly/3cpQBvC) too! #datalibs
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CovidCard phone-free contact tracing proposed in New Zealand
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Apple COVID-19 mobility trend data released for the public good
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More than ever data scientists are required to help medical researchers by extracting relevant data. You could contribute by learning #datascience with a free Packt workshop. Head over to http://packt.live/2yGNalm and get started! https://t.co/Y0maRSdIJe
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Google’s Android braille keyboard released for free
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Facebook will provide free Portal devices to UK hospitals and care homes
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Headspace offers free mindfulness exercises to help with stress
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Medical clinics on lower end NBN plans to get free boost to 50Mbps
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D-Wave Systems offers free quantum cloud access to beat COVID-19
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Amazon has one last round of Echo Show and Ring Doorbell deals before deliveries stop
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Do you have some unexpected free time? @Forbes shares 10 online courses to help you learn more about #AI and #machinelearning, and they don’t cost a penny. #ArtificialIntelligence #Tech #Techtrends #OnlineLearning https://bit.ly/3duplgl
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SUSE offers free enterprise Linux support to medical devices manufacturers
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
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Amazon has 9 new exclusive deals only for Prime members