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New to computer vision and medical imaging? Start with these 10 projects
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Research suggests new COVID-19 variants can evade antibodies for the original form
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‘Data saves lives’: 14 U.S. health systems form Seattle startup in quest for medical breakthroughs
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Here’s what you need to know about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
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Apple Watch NightWare nightmare disorder app gets FDA authorization
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Hypothyroidism study finds controversial desiccated thyroid as effective as synthetic drugs
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🤔When I go to a doctors office for the first time, I get to sign a HIPPA form, but I think I would rather see a "These are the 3rd party Vendors—such as Amazon's Comprehend Medical—we will be sharing your health data with" form! #HIPPA #BIGDATA #AI #Ethics #EHR
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The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep
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Orikami to bring digital personalized healthcare to first 25,000 patients
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Insane anti-vaxxer threw blood at California lawmakers over vaccination exemptions
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#Egypt has no medical data collection/ patient records on any modern internationally recognizable form,we are a 100 million person country with strong medical establishments without data! Must end this,I will start campaigning on Cardiology level first. #BigData
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Superbug tuberculosis treatment gets FDA approval as cases skyrocket
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Mom of two was misdiagnosed with cancer, endured chemo and surgery before the mistake was found
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Bio Roundup: EASL Does It, Alnylam’s BFF, Gene Therapy Deals & More
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Thousands of ‘take action’ messages to lawmakers exposed by political advocacy giant
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Zogenix Epilepsy Data Sets Up Market Battle With GW’s Cannabis Drug
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GV invests in medical machine learning startup Owkin
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South Korean Startups Push for Blockchain Adoption in Medical Sector
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AR glasses have learned from Glassholes
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Why disrupting government pot policy is so much harder than the taxi commission
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Contraceptive app hit with complaints after being blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies
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“Self-regulating” nanoparticles can burn cancer without harming healthy cells
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This neuroscientist is using VR to learn more about the brain
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Amazon slashes prices at Whole Foods to kill off Walmart and Kroger
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Time to say ‘I told you so’: cannabis can treat seizures
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Scientists 3D-printed ovaries and made mouse babies
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A private clinic in Botswana has started receiving bitcoin as payment for treatment
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Form an orderly queue! Google wants your blood (and other bodily fluids). Oh and your medical records
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Tiny wearable robots drive around your body, are extra pair of hands
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Cheaper, longer-lasting epinephrine pills could soon replace overpriced EpiPens
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Baidu launches medical assistant chatbot to help doctors collect patient information
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Withings adds heart rate monitoring to its analog fitness watch
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Robotic legs could power up physical therapy for kids with cerebral palsy
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GlaxoSmithKline and Google’s life science wing form new bioelectronic medicine company
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About.com launches Verywell, a standalone brand focused on health
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With EmoWatch your Apple Watch knows if you are :) or :(
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Australia Post Explores Blockchain Technology for Digital Identity Credentials
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Today autism is treated primarily through behavioral therapy. But a new study suggests that treatment may one day come in the form of a probiotic. (via OZY)
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MedyMatch raises $2M to bring AI to medical imaging
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IBM Watson Teams With Toronto Raptors On Data-Driven Talent Analysis
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London startup ‘Babylon’ thinks its AI doctor could predict your future health
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Leaf Is A “Plug N’ Plant” Box To Automatically Grow Pot In Your Home
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3D-Printed Microfish May Soon Inject Themselves In Your Body
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How to beat anxiety without medication
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YC-Backed Notable Labs Provides Personalized Medical Testing For Brain Cancer Patients
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YC-Backed Meadow ‘Ubered’ Over A Doctor To Give Me A Medical Marijuana Evaluation
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Forget house calls: What doctors can (and can’t) do remotely with telehealth products
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Nobel Prize in medicine honors discovery of the brain's 'inner GPS'