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Appeals Court Tells Cops They Can’t Hold A House Hostage For Hours Before Finally Deciding To Get A Warrant
Change Healthcare finally spills the tea on what medical data was stolen by cyber-crew
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Incredible medicine that regrows teeth is about to enter human trials
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Elon Musk's Neuralink Finally Gets FDA Approval For Human Testing
@Dr_HuiwenXu 1 year ago
I literally want to cry when I saw this #machinelearning paper was accepted by Medical Care! I started it in 2018, presented at Arm 2019. Then busy with graduation, started my 1st job, then two years in my 2nd job @UTMB_SPPH this paper was finally published, in 2023! @UTMB_SCOA https://t.co/SPT6WwvhIC
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$AIMX @CoinMarketCap Supply data is finally updated and verified ✅ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/aimedis-new/ #Metaverse #VR #Healthcare #medicine #Blockchain #Data #AI #BigData #Aimedis https://t.co/AsDQ1bX2wP
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5G Smartwatches Could Launch Next Year With Qualcomm's New Modem - CNET
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Sennheiser's Conversation Clear Plus are hearing aids in disguise
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Our new website is finally live: https://www.chuv.ch/en/bdsc/ @CHUVLausanne @unil Content will be added as we grow, but it's a good start if you want to learn who we are and what we do. #datascience #Switzerland #Lausanne #personalized #medicine Come join us! #jobs
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Congress is finally taking medical cybersecurity seriously
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After a work that lasted many months with considerable setbacks, I've finally completed the AI for Healthcare #Udacity Nanodegree program. Highly recommended to those interested in applying #MachineLearning, #DeepLearning and #DataScience techniques to solving medical challenges. https://t.co/303Oi07cFO
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My first contribution to #TidyTuesday after @MeDicenCrix finally convinced me. Status: Excited! #rstats #DataViz #DataScience Code: https://github.com/KevinMLanderos/TidyTuesday/tree/main/2022/week12_March22/ https://t.co/RQntkvQXc2
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Feels great to finally hold a physical copy!! Congrats & thanks again to #GesineRichter @alena_buyx @McLennanStuart @pat_humm (& many more!) on a superb collection! #medicalethics #AIethics My chapter on #BigData & #MoralResponsibility can be found here: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-662-62987-1_2 https://t.co/zsuolbMyay
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Storz & Bickle new Mighty+ vape features faster heating, USB-C and UL certification
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Excited to finally share that I’ll be starting my PhD in #MachineLearning for #Medicine at @FacultyMaths @Cambridge_Uni this October, as part of the brilliant @MihaelaVDS lab :)
It took a pandemic, but the US finally has (some) centralized medical data
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Is #ATS2021 is finally the conference #MachineLearning penetrated respiratory science & medicine or is it that we pulmonologists are so behind on our #buzzwords that we cannot even spell AI? #ArtificialIntelligence @ATS_GG https://twitter.com/penn1600/status/1394376694811799556
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The mRNA tech we used against COVID could help us finally beat malaria
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Ask your doctor before getting a coronavirus vaccine if you take this common medicine
Why covid-19 might finally usher in the era of health care based on a patient’s data
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3M N95 masks are in stock right now at Amazon
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🧬 A beautiful example of the power of #Genomics... 1⃣ A child with a rare #autoimmune disorder finally gets the CORRECT diagnosis 2⃣ a novel mutation enters medical literature https://ard.bmj.com/content/annrheumdis/early/2020/08/30/annrheumdis-2020-218422.full.pdf #iot #openscience #snrtg #bigdata #immunology #bioinformatics #raredisease https://t.co/MvMmmmae8Q
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Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG has been cleared for use in South Korea
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Get AirPods Pro at Amazon’s best price – or these hot rivals for $22
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Amazon’s best-selling face masks are finally back in stock
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Nano Comes to Life, book review: Small steps towards a giant leap
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Life expectancy in the US is finally on the rise again
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Overstock CEO: Crypto Investments Are Ready for Prime Time
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The Morning After: 'Death Stranding' is here -- but is it a good game?
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Apple Watch ECG is coming to Canada 'as quickly as possible'
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The Morning After: Holding the Galaxy Fold
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The Morning After: Apple's keyboard apology and Samsung folding
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Finally, a doctor game that trades medical charts for star charts
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The Apple Watch's ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications are guardians on your wrist
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Medical device maker Medtronic finally fixes its hackable pacemaker
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Two Point Hospital is funny, smart and surprisingly deep
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Theranos is shutting down its fraudulent blood testing business
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WSJ reports that Theranos will finally dissolve
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Facebook finally stops surfacing opioid-related posts
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We've been looking forward to speaking at the @StanfordMed #BigData in Precision Medicine conference for months, and the day is finally here! Make sure to tune into our #Facebook page for a LIVE cast of @kkuzmesk talk on #blockchain and #healthcare later today! https://t.co/306EzjIWdR
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A CEO known publicly for the power of smiling was just ousted for intimidating employees
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Monarch is a new platform from surgical robot pioneer Frederic Moll
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Today we have finally finished the #registration of a legal entity in #Estonia! #skychainglobal #skychainico #ico #skychain #neuralnetwork #artificialintelligence #startups #DeepLearning #BlockChain #AI #MachineLearning #ether #medicine2018 #ico #mining #cryptocurrency #ANN https://t.co/SbUcQbaUAO
Smart wearable Embrace is now an FDA-approved medical device for epilepsy patients
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Apple is testing a new feature to give you access to medical records on your devices
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For 150 years, neither doctor nor patient have found the speculum to be an optimal medical device. Now, it's finally getting a redesign.
@WIRED 6 years ago
For 150 years, neither doctor nor patient have found the speculum to be an optimal medical device. Now, it's finally getting a redesign.
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The internet is finally getting a high-speed internet lane for emergency situations