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India ordered Facebook and Twitter to remove posts criticizing its poor handling of the pandemic
@BritishVets 1 year ago
How can vets feel they are relevant in a world filled with #tech and #BigData? Our panelists say that vets' role will increasingly be to guide clients to the evidence, moving away from a paternalistic approach to proactive, collaborative medicine @VetShow @waltham_science https://t.co/KZIbk8VQP8
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The FDA thinks an Xbox game can stop kids smoking
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Hitting the books: Ray Kurzweil on humanity's nanobot-filled future
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Senator introduces bill to make it easier to do medical marijuana research
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The Panasonic GH5 is a big, bad mirrorless camera that's all about video
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This revolutionary device could save gunshot victims from bleeding out
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Brain.fm’s neurologist-approved audio tracks will take your productivity to new heights (80% off)
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3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London
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Nanoengineers build ‘microcannons’ that fire light-up bullets filled with drugs
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Donald Trump given perfect bill of health by a ghost
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Medical journal will 'clarify' its bogus investigation of US food committee
@WIRED 7 years ago
This freelance writer suffers from severe Tourette’s syndrome, but his prescription medication costs $720 a month in America (and that's with health insurance)....
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YC-Backed Meadow ‘Ubered’ Over A Doctor To Give Me A Medical Marijuana Evaluation
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5 trends to watch for in 3D printing in 2015