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Medication Abortion Remains a Battleground, This Time Challenging US Drug Market - CNET
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Medication Abortion Remains a Battleground, This Time Over FDA Authority - CNET
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FDA Reportedly Rejected Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip Trial Over Safety Risks
@tech.eu 2 months ago
France's Volta Medical raises €36 million series B to help surgeons treat cardiac arrhythmias and fund more clinical testing
@engadget.com 2 months ago
Sennheiser's Conversation Clear Plus are hearing aids in disguise
@WIRED 5 months ago
The idea that aging might one day be treatable hasn’t yet won over regulators like the FDA, but it has been gaining ground in the field of medical research. 8/9 https://t.co/pkb5sTS9Np
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Drug recall: These supplements are secretly hiding erectile dysfunction drugs
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Pressure mounts on FDA to expand pig-to-human organ transplant research
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Abortion Pills May Force States and the FDA Into a Standoff
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Pain medicine recall: These pain pills have undeclared steroids, so check your bottles
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AcuityMD raises salespeople’s pulses, and a Series A to sell more medical hardware
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The US is trying to fix medical devices’ big cybersecurity problem
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“FDA, AI/ML, and Medical Devices” webinar by @ZachHarned @FenwickWest this Thursday at 3pm! Join us for this talk on FDA’s major efforts and programs for #AI #MachineLearning as it relates to medical device regulation. Open to all, register here: https://bit.ly/3iroil8
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The First Drug-Releasing Contact Lens Is Here
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Google seeks FDA approval for Fitbit's passive heart rate monitoring tech
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FDA Approves First Contact Lenses to Treat Allergies and Itchy Eyes - CNET
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Sirona Medical Acquires Nines AI’s algorithms to rebuild radiology’s IT from the ground up
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The FDA rules just changed on COVID-10 monoclonal antibody treatments
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The FDA just changed the Moderna COVID booster rules
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FDA Expands COVID Boosters To Younger Children
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COVID-19 antiviral pill gets FDA authorization: Here’s the small print
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FDA Approves New Eye Drops that Could Replace Glasses for Millions
@bgr.com 1 year ago
Revolutionary new FDA-approved eye drops help you see without glasses
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FDA and CDC green light Pfizer COVID-19 booster for older teenagers
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FDA warns omicron variant can evade certain COVID-19 tests
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Pet supplements recalled over risky bacteria that can infect humans
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Portable MRI's new Deep Learning software gets cleared by FDA. Whoever thought those huge MRI machines would ever become small scale! #health #healthcare #ML #AI #MachineLearning #Software #Medical #innovation #FDA https://hyperfine.io/hyperfine-receives-fda-clearance-for-deep-learning-portable-mri-defining-the-future-of-life-saving-diagnostics/
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FDA advisory panel endorses Merck’s COVID-19 pill, but it was a close vote
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Owlet puts smart baby monitoring socks on hold after FDA warning
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If you take this pain medicine, there’s an FDA recall so stop and call your doctor
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Pfizer asks FDA to authorize COVID-19 booster shot for all adults
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine gets FDA panel recommendation for young kids
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
FDA authorizes two more COVID-19 boosters with mix-and-match strategy
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Two blood pressure medications recalled over carcinogen concerns - CNET
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FDA blood pressure medicine recall: Stop taking these pills now
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine booster gets FDA panel recommendation
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Blood pressure and fluid retention drugs recalled over cancer concerns
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
FDA panel recommends Moderna booster shot EUA for certain people
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Coppertone sunscreen, Lotrimin antifungal sprays recalled over cancer risk
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Siemens and FDA demo digital twin factory line
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FDA authorizes COVID-19 booster shot, but only for some people
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Common dog parasite is mutating to resist the drugs that destroy it
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FDA says lidocaine numbing product recalled because it’s too potent
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Magnets in wearables and smartphones could interfere with pacemakers
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If you take this popular prescription medication, stop right now and call your doctor
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New York leads big coalition asking FDA to ban most vape liquid flavors
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COVID-19 vaccine booster now CDC recommended for these groups
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The FDA OKs an Extra Vaccine Dose for Immunosuppressed People