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Best Prescription Delivery Services: Amazon, CVS, PillPack and More - CNET
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Tubi launches over 40 FAST channels in Canada
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In 50 Words: Rakuten founder prioritizes US cancer startup amid business losses
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AI Helps Scientists Discover Superbug-Fighting Antibiotic
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Surprise: Telehealth Startups Playing Fast And Loose With Sensitive User Medical Data
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Breakthrough chemical may heal wounds twice as fast
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#EasyRAD , the #EAI solution's first project, supports #physicians and #radiologists in the fast, secure, and accurate identification of #Cancer diseases . #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #healthcare #Medical #radiology #EAIToken #EAIsolutions https://t.co/fH3hl8nPdB
Google Pixels are getting a new Fast Emergency Dialer for local police, fire, and medical services
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Medical, Home Alarm Industries Warn Of Major Outages As AT&T Shuts Down 3G Network
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Berlin’s Mayd bags $15M seed to deliver meds fast
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
This startup just created a fast, accurate COVID test which only needs saliva and links to an app
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Research suggests new COVID-19 variants can evade antibodies for the original form
@slashgear.com 3 years ago
CDC warns new COVID-19 variant is in US and spreading fast
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Dr. Fauci says there’s a big problem with Trump’s fast COVID-19 recovery
No more maté sharing
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Bio Roundup: Fast FDA Approvals, Biogen Delays, ORIC’s IPO & More
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Foxconn works with Medtronic to make ventilators at its Wisconsin plant - CNET
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Next-gen supercomputers are fast-tracking treatments for the #coronavirus in a race against time #AI #Covid19 #ML #DataScience #Medicine #research #science https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/13/coronavirus-treatments-being-fast-tracked-via-next-gen-supercomputers.html?utm_campaign=Artificial%2BIntelligence%2BWeekly&utm_medium=web&utm_source=Artificial_Intelligence_Weekly_153
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Coronavirus is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories – and that has serious consequences
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The FDA is fast-tracking an algorithm that screens for heart failure
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The FDA just fast-tracked this new blood cancer treatment
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Using full-body MRIs, Ezra can now detect 11 cancers in men and 13 in women
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Abdominal etching gives you the six-pack workouts might not deliver
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Check out my new article: Predicting future medical diagnoses with Recurrent Neural Nets using Fast AI API from scratch https://sparalic.github.io/post/predicting-future-medical-diagnoses-with-rnns-using-fast-ai-api-from-scratch/ #deeplearning, #healthcare, #machinelearning #medical #ai #BlackTechTwitter @blackcomputeHER @fastdotai @jeremyphoward @math_rachel
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FDA OKs Depression Drug For New Moms: Fast Relief But Tough to Take
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XGenomes is bringing DNA sequencing to the masses
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Pizza Hut commits to antiobiotics-free chicken wings by 2022
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Currently, CBD is a Schedule 1 drug like cannabis, and the DEA must reschedule it before the epilepsy medication can be sold. If approved, this would have ...
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Mighty has raised $9M to build a CRM for legal and medical funders
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A prescription for healing the healthcare industry
@WIRED 6 years ago
This is not a good situation at all.
@WIRED 6 years ago
You wouldn’t want something inside your body to be remote-controlled by a criminal. But many of these devices are vulnerable to attack.
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Hearthstone targets fast metagame by weakening Shaman and pirate decks
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Nearly invisible gel-like robots move fast enough to catch fish underwater
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Great Post!Learn To Fail Fast - Lessons from @generalelectric @scotiabank#fintech #insurtech #startup #bigdata… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/801325174767423489
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A tale of tech giants: How Philips competes with the likes of Google to reinvent an entire industry
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Apple buys startup that allows you to store and transfer health records
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HealthTap launches Facebook Messenger bot that provides fast access to health care
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The growing pains of mobile health
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#healthcare fast becoming tech's new goldmine, aggregating #bigdata reveal patterns, solve medical mysteries http://goo.gl/tRRV95 #iot
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The Journal‘s claims, many of which Theranos has contested, are damning. At the same time, the story also exposes a deeper problem with the way Silicon ...
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Cur is crowdfunding a medical device that isn't cleared by the FDA, and that's a problem
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TrialReach Raises $13.5M Series B To Match Patients To Clinical Trials
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The Ebola epidemic could be over by January — or worse than ever