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This recent post explores what we can learn from studying how #AI is used to create content in areas such as books, business and legal, medicine, song writing and visual arts. #EdLeaders #Teachers #Students #MachineLearning https://bit.ly/3gbmHwK
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#MachineLearning systems identify patterns that are beyond human perception. #LearnFromHome with Amlan Chakrabarti as he explores how these systems are involved in medical image analysis. Register Here: https://bit.ly/2WpETLW #OnlineLearning #DigitalLearning #Webinars #Tech https://t.co/PSapLat6xp
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MSc in Digital Health - Apply Now for Sep. 2020 Entry The MSc in Digital Health provides training in the analysis of medical data and explores practitioner and industry perspectives on digital health. http://buff.ly/2Vss8ic #DigitalHealth #DataScience #BioInformatics https://t.co/1ORk1PZTwz
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Nano Comes to Life, book review: Small steps towards a giant leap
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Australia Post Explores Blockchain Technology for Digital Identity Credentials
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Chaotic Moon Explores Biometric Tattoos For Medicine And The Military
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RT @Robert_Graboyes: CREATIVE DESTRUCTION OF MEDICINE/ @EricTopol explores why health care #innovation lags IT. "We need a jailbreak." http://t.co/LDY14VPX5t