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Harvard study finds big benefits to 12-minute bursts of exercise
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Can you combine data analytics, visual 3d and Open Sim and have an interest in the future of sports medicine prescription of exercise intervention ? Can you also code ? Get in contact if that’s you #machinelearning #data #sportsmedicine
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Certain exercises linked to improved blood flow in key brain regions
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Green tea extract may target common liver issue, but exercise is key
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Excited to have published, "Sports Science Data Protocol" in the SPORTS AND EXERCISE MEDICINE Open Journal. https://lnkd.in/gBTHht9 protocol/ #sports #science #sportsscience # #research #sportsanalytics #datascience #sportsscientists https://t.co/eEvj9vazI1
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Exercise during pregnancy may reduce obesity risk in children
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Xealth Gets $11M, Aims to Be Surescripts of Digital Health Services
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Samsung’s Bot Care aims to help users manage their health
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Download this: Sweatcoin's app pays you to exercise