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Medici LA 22: Report Investigates a Secret, Invitation-Only Crypto Event Held in Beverly Hills
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Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi invests $180 million in French medical research platform Owkin
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Hey @UofT @UTM and @UTSC students! You're invited to an exclusive student meet & greet with Dr. Jenna Wiens from @UMich • https://tcairem.utoronto.ca/event/student-meet-and-greet-dr-jenna-wiens #medicine #healthcare #DataScience @uoftmedicine @UofT_dlsph https://t.co/bgdWKDzRi3
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Calling #AI experts, #DataScience queens, #techstartup kings We have assembled the worlds greatest medical genius and now we need you to join us and tackle #COVID__19 head on at the world forum exclusive. Join us @GaryMarcus @celestekidd @ylecun @dmonett @geoffreyhinton https://twitter.com/inthealthai/status/1291434706379124737
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Exclusive deal: Wireless noise cancelling headphones this good shouldn’t cost $34
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Amazon has 9 new exclusive deals only for Prime members
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First Blockchain-Exclusive Birth Certificates Recorded in Brazil
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THEKEY was invited to attend the Research of Medical Insurance Credit Evaluation System Kickoff Meeting as the exclusive technical provider. #Blockchain #Bigdata #Crypto $TKY https://medium.com/@thekeyvip/thekey-attended-the-medical-insurance-credit-evaluation-system-kickoff-meeting-as-the-exclusive-254339310d33
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Your Life Decoded, December 2007 “For a long time, WIRED didn’t cover much health care or medicine... The biggest shift was the arrival of true consumer genomics, and we were lucky enough to get an exclusive on 23andMe in 2007.” https://wired.trib.al/ot3amNA 4/ https://t.co/qoYbqBeWxv
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Healthy.io turns your smartphone into a clinical-grade medical testing device
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Clew Medical is using AI to identify patients at risk
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RT @JamesDeanTimes: Exclusive: Millions can now send personal health and fitness data from their iPhone directly to their medical records http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/health/news/article4229072.ece