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Medical billing and coding: Your guide to getting started
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COVID-19 vaccine study has bad news for people who skip second dose
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Triall: Bridging the Gap Between Medical Research and Blockchain Technology
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New Vaccine Data Is Coming: Watch Out for These 3 Claims
@MHuberEcon 1 year ago
Our paper (with H Bodory,@lukaslaffers) on evaluating dynamic treatments (eg sequences of training programs or medical treatments) using #causalmachinelearning (see causalweight package for #rstats):https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.00370 #Econtwitter #causaltwitter #epitwitter #MachineLearning
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Drug made for cats may be a surprise weapon against COVID-19 in humans
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Precision medicine depends on biomarkers. Scientists are evaluating, developing, validating, and implementing the genomic capabilities to expand the precision medicine research, globally https://buff.ly/2X5FaUa #PrecisionMedicine #shivom #genomics #DataScience #RNA https://t.co/WBGs4CAOd1
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This is a massive and potentially useful database that @sarahdonaldnz is using for her #PhD research evaluating the potential for prescription medicine harm in pregnancy #bigdata #HSDTweCon https://twitter.com/sarahdonaldnz/status/1262214341014818816
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New guest blog article by my colleague @DrewLevy on the importance of predictive performance metric choices when evaluating #MachineLearning algorithms in medicine: http://fharrell.com/post/mlconfusion