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Lawmakers call for "right to repair" medical equipment during COVID-19 pandemic
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Gym equipment is covered in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, study warns
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When Piracy Literally Saves Lives
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Deadly DRM: Right to Repair a Life-or-Death Problem During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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LG expands service robot deployment to hospitals
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Fitbit Flow is the wearable’s own ventilator for COVID-19 patients
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Amid COVID-19, iFixit releases repair database for ventilators - CNET
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Right to Repair Groups Fire Shots at Medical Device Manufacturers
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Balanced Copyright Rules Can Help Save Lives During the COVID 19 Crisis
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Running to the fight: How Verizon brought hospital ship USNS Comfort online to aid NYC COVID-19 response
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Seattle healthcare workers to receive first respirators built by Ford and 3M
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NASA’s Coronavirus Ventilator Gets FDA Approval
@slashgear.com 4 months ago
NASA JPL’s VITAL ventilator has just been approved by the FDA
@billrand 4 months ago
I firmly believe that AI will revolutionize medicine, but right now many algorithms haven't been tested on different pieces of equipment or with different groups of patients. #ai #MachineLearning #medicine #validation https://science.sciencemag.org/content/364/6446/1119
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Everyone Is Trying to Sell Medical Equipment—Even on LinkedIn
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Tesla ventilators are made from Model 3 parts
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GM Pivots to Building Ventilators, and More Car News This Week
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Canada signs agreement with Amazon to distribute medical equipment
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How We Ended Up Short on Medical Equipment
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In Crowded Hospitals, Who Will Get Life-Saving Equipment?
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Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test can give results in five or 13 minutes
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Circular Economy concepts highlight the importance of reusable and re-sanatizable medical equipment that would relieve stress on the supply chain. #circulareconomy #bigdata #biomimicry #machinelearning #digitaltransformation #blockchain #sustainability #infrastructure
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Coronavirus and 3D printing: How makers are stepping up to supply vital medical kit
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3D Hubs launches COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund to facilitate production of medical equipment
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Temporary FDA policy helps doctors monitor COVID-19 patients at home
@theverge.com 6 months ago
iFixit is building a repair database for medical equipment, and it needs your help
@digitaltrends.com 6 months ago
3D-printed ventilator valves help out Italian hospital rocked by coronavirus
@theregister.co.uk 6 months ago
Looming ventilator shortage amid pandemic sparks rise of open-source DIY medical kit. Good thinking – but safe?
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More wipes, no jeans: Amazon limits warehouse shipments
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More good news: Medical equipment is still prone to hacker attacks
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Sensome raises $9 million Series B for tissue sensor that transforms medical devices
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The apps and gear you need to get fit without breaking the bank
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A VxWorks Operating System Bug Exposes 200 Million Critical Devices
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Best Buy will dedicate store space to 'smart' gym equipment
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From Farm to (Financial) Table: Holt Ventures Partner Meg Paulus
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The top 10 startups from Y Combinator’s Demo Day S’18 Day 2
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No Vital Signs Apparent at Wireless Health Specialist Awarepoint
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The internet is finally getting a high-speed internet lane for emergency situations
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Microsoft wants students to have their heads in the cloud
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The stethoscope finally got a long-awaited upgrade
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Microsoft says Stryker is using HoloLens to help hospitals design better operating rooms
@mashable.com 3 years ago
Aspiring fathers can now test the strength of their swimmers right at home
@mashable.com 3 years ago
Scientists invented a hydrogel which could be used to create artificial skin
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Data liquidity - #DesignThinking For Intelligent Medical Equipment #BigData #deeplearning #AI #hcldr #himss17… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/827133357268033536
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Surgery training app Touch Surgery cuts deal with Johnson & Johnson
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Machine learning could automate screening kids for speech and language disorders
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Philips intros a smart health product ecosystem
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Afero raises $20.3 million to secure connected devices, whether WiFi is working or not