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Isomorphic inks deals with Eli Lilly and Novartis for drug discovery
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Now Android phones can automatically send medical data during 911 calls
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SKT Launches Global Rollout of AI-powered Veterinary Service 'X Caliber'
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Ember is in the baby bottle business now
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Ottobock set to acquire fellow robotic exoskeleton maker SuitX
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Pfizer Taps Insilico Medicine to Use AI for Drug Target Discovery
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San Francisco lawmakers will consider a ban on e-cigarette sales
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Nobel Prizes still struggle with wide gender disparity
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KFx Medical, LLC Announces Another and Fourth License of its Knotless Double Row Patents
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Why personalization is the key to long-term health
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New cybersecurity guidelines for medical devices tackle evolving threats
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Fitbit CEO says company’s future products ‘should be able to save your life’
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Pharma hackers create a DIY EpiPen, the EpiPencil
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RT @IanDunt: Very quietly, Liam Fox admits that everything he's said since he entered government is nonsense. https://t.co/nO8Fi39NNv
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Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services
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Meet 5 of Japan’s most prominent health care startups: Symax, Clintal, and more