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AI and robots join forces to cook up proteins faster
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Immensa, a MENA-based additive manufacturing and digital inventory platform, raises $20 million 
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Adding clean energy to the US power grid just got a lot easier
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ODNI Report Shows Uncle Sam Buys Huge Troves Of Consumer Data From Brokers To Avoid Warrants, Trample The Law
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While battery tech is far from the "endless battery" of our dreams, it turns out one already exists. Your body generates enough energy to power wearables, medical sensors, and implanted devices—and tech designers are plugging in: https://www.wired.com/story/the-battery-that-never-gets-flat/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=wired&utm_social-type=owned : Jacqui Vanliew/Getty https://t.co/TAKT2XpdHu
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The Battery That Never Gets Flat
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Introducing the #PythonResolver Roadmap to learn #Python + #DataScience During 3 years working as a Private Tutor, I have tried a variety of materials with more than 500 students from several industries: · Medicine · Finance · Energy · Psychology Check it out ↓
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If you take this common medication, stop what you’re doing and contact your doctor
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MIT researchers discover why cancer cells get energy from fermentation
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Stanford Engineers Create Ankle Exoskeleton to Boost Running Efficiency
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IBM Supercomputer Identifies 77 Compounds That Could Fight Coronavirus
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Bluetooth-Related Flaws Threaten Dozens of Medical Devices
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Study finds popular Chinese herb activates energy-burning brown fat
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Scientists built artificial leaves that can turn sunlight into medicine
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Another study warns drinking soda and energy drinks daily may be deadly
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Study finds that energy drinks may seriously mess with your heart
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Chevron Tech, Medical Informatics, ActivTrak, Linear & More TX Tech
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Exits in Austin, Pitch NASA, Diversity in Energy, & More TX Tech
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We can save money and lives if we use more #supercomputers in medicine, transport or energy. But we need to have more powerful machines in Europe to process large amounts of data quickly & accurately. http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #HPC #BigData #EuroHPC #EUBudget https://t.co/1k3LXcFJzM
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Austin’s Ambiq Micro Adds $11M for Energy-Efficient Microcontrollers
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Medical Engineering Innovations Eyes $1.2M for Tumor-Zapping Devices
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Futurist Nikolas Badminton outlines 8 areas of exponential technologies that are changing the world - #BigData, Artificial Intelligence (#ai), Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, Blockchain, Personalized Medicine, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Computing: https://youtu.be/RCslOEo80LQ https://t.co/BIeXaM9Ld5
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ICO, Banking, Energy, Healthcare, Retail and E-Gov as the Blockchain Trendiest Areas to be Discussed at Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi
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ICO, Banking, Energy, Healthcare, Retail and E-Gov as the Blockchain Trendiest Areas to be Discussed at Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi
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Bizarre wearable wants to shock you awake so you don’t fall asleep at the wheel
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MultiX raises $3.7 million for its airport x-ray security tech
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This Swiss watch would power, and be powered by, a heartbeat
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Electricity and bionics: The future of powering medical miracles
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Data-driven therapy: How The Sync Project wants to use music as medicine
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Postmates launches a General Store for on-demand daily necessities
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Adesto enters Internet-of-things battle with memory chips that use 100 times less energy