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The Real Reason Why Some Abortion Pill Patients Go to the ER
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In Rio, rife with dengue, bacteria-infected mosquitoes are making a difference
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A Study at the Center of the Abortion Pill Battle Was Just Retracted
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US School Shooter Emergency Plans Exposed in a Highly Sensitive Database Leak
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Android: How to share your health details during an emergency call
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How to share your iOS Medical ID details with 911 in an emergency
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Philips recalls 340 MRI machines because they may explode in an emergency
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Android users with Personal Safety app can share medical details with first responders
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Now Android phones can automatically send medical data during 911 calls
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This Android Feature Could Save Your Life In An Emergency
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The iPhone Feature You'll Want To Set Up In Case Of An Emergency
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The FBI is investigating a multiple-state hospital ransomware attack
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As medical institutions destigmatize transness, a proposed "emergency rule" in Missouri is a direct attack at the medical autonomy of #trans adults. https://wired.trib.al/nzLqa5h : Wiktor Szymanowicz/AP https://t.co/MYLNDGmIRo
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Trans People’s Mental Health Is Being Weaponized Against Them
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Virtual Clinics are Battling Inequalities in Women’s Health
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AT&T launches medical radar device that monitors older adults through walls
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The Netflix docuseries Emergency: NYC will give you a new appreciation for first responders
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Trauma surgeon Annie Onishi watches scenes from #JohnWick, #StrangerThings, #Futurama, and more to break down how accurate their emergency room and medical scenes really are: https://t.co/VFQ3anNvcB
How to add your medical information to your Android phone
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White House Extends COVID Public Health Emergency - CNET
ISS astronaut shows how CPR is performed in space
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Diagnostic Robotics has AI catching health problems before they take you to the ER
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Biden to Sign Executive Order Protecting Access to Abortion Pills - CNET
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The Best Essential Gear for Your Motorcycle Emergency Kit - CNET
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Via @FierceHealth: "http://Viz.AI collects $100M to spot more maladies in emergency CT scans." https://www.fiercebiotech.com/medtech/vizai-collects-100m-grow-its-emergency-scan-reading-ai-tech Doubling down on #AI— the machines are going to work in medical imaging. #ArtificialIntelligence #IoT #MachineLearning #BigData #InternetOfThings
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13 Important Things Every Car Owner Should Keep In Their Trunk
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Here’s how an algorithm guides a medical decision 
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Fresh concerns about 'indefinite' UK government access to doctors' patient data
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Google Pixels are getting a new Fast Emergency Dialer for local police, fire, and medical services
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How to add medical information to your Android phone
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FDA and CDC green light Pfizer COVID-19 booster for older teenagers
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SpaceX ride to ISS grounded by 'medical issue'
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Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine booster gets FDA panel recommendation
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FDA panel recommends Moderna booster shot EUA for certain people
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Emergency low blood sugar kits recalled over loss of potency
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Beige Against the Machine: Hey, hey, 16K, it's the IBM PC's 40th birthday
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Beige Against the Machine: The IBM PC turns 40
@WIRED 2 years ago
Trauma surgeon Annie Onishi watches scenes from #JohnWick, #StrangerThings, #Futurama, and more to break down how accurate their emergency room and medical scenes really are: https://wired.trib.al/XJSZEJz https://t.co/X8mbUDif8p
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Check out my latest video on Choosing #MachineLearning #statistics for #Research in #EM Emergency Medicine! It comes from a #clinical perspective https://youtu.be/hzYCKHBqbds
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BLACK+DECKER Health launches with personal emergency response systems
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FBI warns Conti ransomware gang struck health and emergency networks
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Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out across the US
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Johnson & Johnson asks FDA for single-shot COVID-19 vaccine EUA
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Do you have any of these coronavirus symptoms? CDC says go to the hospital now
@Fabriziobustama 3 years ago
Effect of #MachineLearning on Dispatcher Recognition of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest During Calls to Emergency #MedicalServices By @JAMANetwork #NeuralNetworks #DeepLearning #AI #healthcare Cc: @IrmaRaste @_atanas_ @JohnNosta @CMichaelGibson @Dkell999 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2774644 https://t.co/AgVKJru7NK
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Madrid-based Asistensi gets $3 million to help migrants buy medical coverage for families back home
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CDC recommends seeking emergency help for any of these COVID symptoms
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FDA clears emergency use of lab-made antibodies to treat COVID-19