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Robitussin Recall: How to Find Effective and Safe Cold Medicine - CNET
@cnet.com 2 months ago
Robitussin Recall: How to Find Safe Cough and Flu Medicine - CNET
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The End of One-Size-Fits-All Health Care
@tech.eu 3 months ago
OASYS NOW is on a mission to connect patients with rare and debilitating health conditions to clinical trials
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Amazon’s latest Prime perk is a $100 discount on One Medical
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This Texas Bill Would Systematically Silence Anyone Who Dares to Talk About Abortion Pills
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Nano-robot antibodies that fight cancer enter first human drug trial
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Revolutionary new snortable drug fixes irregular heartbeats in 30 minutes
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Doctors may have found a secret weapon to fight cancer: Viagra
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Sea Snail Venom Could Be the Secret to Less Addictive Painkillers
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Merck’s COVID-19 pill isn’t quite as effective as initially reported
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Medical photography is failing patients with darker skin
@TysonLester 3 years ago
Via @Hi_TechTrends: "Big Data In #Healthcare 2020." https://htechtrends.com/big-data-in-healthcare/ #BigData making a big impact in healthcare: -Success with Patients -Diligence in Care -Lowered Costs -Effective/Efficient #Medicine -Advanced Security -More Aware Doctors #Data #Tech #MachineLearning
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Doctors may have found another common household drug that helps treat COVID-19
@extremetech.com 3 years ago
Scientists Develop Nasal Spray That Can Disable Coronavirus
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Hypothyroidism study finds controversial desiccated thyroid as effective as synthetic drugs
@slashgear.com 3 years ago
Microdosing THC confirmed effective for pain relief at minuscule doses
@Joseph_Santoro 3 years ago
Japanese supercomputer finds 30 existing drugs potentially effective to treat #COVID-19! https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200704/p2a/00m/0na/010000c #Tech #BioTech #AI #MachineLearning #ML #DL #DeepLearning #Science #Data #DataScience #PublicHealth #Health #Medicine #MedicalScience #Coronavirus #COVID19
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Top researcher believes an effective coronavirus treatment could arrive this year
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Remote medical care is booming during the coronavirus pandemic - CNET
@marcusborba 4 years ago
How #artificialintelligence outsmarted the superbugs The new antibiotic, effective against super-resistant pathogens, is proof that #AI can do more than make tech giants rich https://bit.ly/38tml0g @guardian #MachineLearning #Medicine #DataScience #Healthcare #DeepLearning https://t.co/JGfwxWFJl6
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Doctors are fighting brain cancer by growing mini-brains
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Olive oil superfood may protect the brain from age-related dementia
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Two popular supplements taken for inflammation probably aren’t helping
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Popular blood pressure meds may be least effective for some patients
@NIck_Alvarez67 4 years ago
#AI & #MachineLearning have made a massive impact on the #SupplyChain of the #healthcareindustry, with #procurement of medical supplies becoming more efficient & cost effective. @hitconsultant: http://bit.ly/2mdWlnv @KaylaEMatthews
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The Willow breast pump now has a reusable container
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
MIT’s new thread-like robots could travel through blood vessels in the brain for more effective surgery
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Ebola cure nears as two treatments prove highly effective
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Discover what it takes to build great medical AR/VR/MR apps at XRDC!
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Are period and fertility tracking apps effective?
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Neurobehavioral health company Blackthorn pulls in $76 million from GV to treat mental disorders
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Common blood sugar drug found to reverse heart failure in non-diabetics
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DARPA wants smart bandages for wounded warriors
@engadget.com 5 years ago
MIT's AI can identify breast cancer risk as reliably as a radiologist
@odsc 5 years ago
MIT researchers use reinforcement learning to determine smallest effective doses of medication for cancer treatment. https://hubs.ly/H0dvl0F0 #ODSC #DataScience #AI
@Omkar_Raii 5 years ago
Increase in adoption of big data analytics for healthcare apps, such as cost-effective medication, insurance planning for population health, and diagnostic approaches will push global #bigdata analytics in healthcare market to reach $48.5 billion by 2025. https://www.medgadget.com/2018/08/global-big-data-analytics-in-healthcare-market-rising-with-19-cagr-by-2025-emerging-trends-application-and-challenges.html
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Contraception app Natural Cycles’ Facebook ad banned for being misleading
@odsc 5 years ago
MIT researchers use reinforcement learning to determine smallest effective doses of medication for cancer treatment. https://hubs.ly/H0drj900 #ODSC #DataScience #AI
@engadget.com 5 years ago
FDA says unapproved 'designer vagina' treatments are dangerous
@engadget.com 5 years ago
IBM's Watson reportedly created unsafe cancer treatment plans
@xconomy.com 5 years ago
With $45M Translate Bio Deal, Sanofi Bets Again on mRNA Vaccines
@venturebeat.com 6 years ago
Study: Apple Watch Cardiogram app bested EKG band in spotting errant heartbeat
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Should you buy a Juicero in 2018? (I’m serious)
@thenextweb.com 6 years ago
Apple launches in-house employee healthcare service, called AC Wellness
@WIRED 6 years ago
It's well-known in medical circles that flu vaccines aren’t very effective. But since these vaccines are making pharma companies $3 billion a year, medicine needs a Manhattan Project-style initiative to modernize immunizations. Read @marynmck's piece here: http://wrd.cm/2FDL6sG https://t.co/UWNeB3Ot9o
@WIRED 6 years ago
It’s well-known in medical circles that flu vaccines aren’t nearly as protective as most people assume. But since these current vaccines are still ...
@hmkyale 6 years ago
Hard to have courage to see future that has yet to come into view for others. We need this courage among those who are entering medicine - to make better, more affordable, more patient-centric, more effective, more equitable future. https://www.cbinsights.com/research/report/game-changing-startups-2018/?utm_source=CB+Insights+Newsletter&utm_campaign=b90c3b9e4a-Top_Research_Briefs_11_18_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9dc0513989-b90c3b9e4a-88009641 #bigdata #Digitalhealth https://t.co/kmVcPq0yG9