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Find Cheaper Heart Medication Using GoodRx and Other Discounts - CNET
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CARPL guides healthcare providers through the growing market of radiology AI apps
Samsung is making it easier for you to track your medications
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Meet the Next Generation of Doctors—and Their Surgical Robots
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TrueMed’s payment integration platform unlocks HSA/FSA for health, not sickness
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The iPhone Feature You'll Want To Set Up In Case Of An Emergency
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Adding clean energy to the US power grid just got a lot easier
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Collectly wants to make paying healthcare bills easier so medical providers don’t lose $200B
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Telemedicine Rules for Controlled Drugs Extended Post-Pandemic -- for Now - CNET
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Instacart, DoorDash Partner With White House in Latest 'Food Is Medicine' Push - CNET
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Google Updates Health Information, Search Features at 'Check Up' Event - CNET
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Google to Unveil New Health Updates at Annual 'Check Up' Event - CNET
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ChatGPT is nearly capable of passing the US Medical Licensing Exam
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As healthcare goes remote, Equipt Health brings medical hardware to the home
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Luminovo lights up with €11 million to get innovations to market faster
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Europe’s health data reuse plan needs some surgery, say privacy supervisors
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iOS 16 and watchOS 9 Add Support for Tracking Medications
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Facebook makes it easier for Ukrainian users to seek medical help and assistance
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Lung-health startup Respira Labs inhales $2.8M to help respiration patients breathe easier
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Getting an ADHD diagnosis has gotten easier online. Is that a good thing? - CNET
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Google Search adds tools that make it easier to find a doctor
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(1/3) The application of #BigData analytics in #healthcare has positive & life-saving outcomes Gathering huge amounts of data for medical use has been costly & time-consuming. With Big Data it is easier to create comprehensive healthcare reports & convert them into insights https://t.co/dO5IXdFSqd
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AcuityMD raises $7M to better track the evolving world of medical hardware
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HealthyU's 7 lead ECG makes it easier to monitor patients remotely - CNET
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Researchers create cloth face mask that can be disinfected with sunlight
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Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration to undergo a AU$12m digital transformation
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Blood pressure medicines lower risk of COVID-19 death, study says
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Apple and Google are collaborating on COVID-19 contact tracing
@olewin 4 years ago
#SouthKorea uses #AIforGood and #BigData in its fight against #corona: "Government-run health services receive information on the person's contacts, making it easier to track those whom s/he had met during that time, and bring them under observation and medical tests." https://twitter.com/TamaraMcCleary/status/1241470638973497344
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Want medical records on your smartphone? Federal rules just made it easier.
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Health data sharing rule changes supported by Apple face pushback from hospitals
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Google wants to create the ultimate medical record search tool for doctors
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This Brazilian #VR startup could help make #medical procedures easier via @TheEconomist | #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #DL #InternetofThings #IoT #Video #Robotics #Technology #Innovation #Autonomous #VirtualReality #RT https://t.co/dqkNJO7qPb https://t.co/KaulHk0iaF https://t.co/9ehmLl9RP1
@HubBaseDB 4 years ago
✍ #DeepLearning Tool Kit - #DLTK is an #OpenSource library that makes #DeepLearning in #MedicalImaging easier. #DLTK is built on @TensorFlow #DLTK website: ️ https://dltk.github.io/ @HubBaseDB @HubGenomics @HubBucket @HubMedX #Statistics #DataScience #Biomedical #STEM https://t.co/MT102YslO8
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Google launches new tools for finding local addiction resources
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This Brazilian #VR startup could help make #medical procedures easier via @TheEconomist | #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #DL #InternetofThings #IoT #Video #Robotics #Technology #Innovation #Autonomous #VirtualReality #RT https://t.co/dqkNJO7qPb https://t.co/KaulHk0iaF
Google Maps update could help save millions, provides addiction recovery tools
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MIT’s new thread-like robots could travel through blood vessels in the brain for more effective surgery
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This hip-hugging exosuit uses AI to make walking and running easier
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FCC proposes '988' for quick access to national suicide prevention line
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Apple, Google, and Microsoft partner to provide digital access to patients’ health records
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MIT develops a new sensor that could help diagnose sepsis in mere minutes
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This Brazilian #VR startup could help make #medical procedures easier via @TheEconomist | #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #DL #InternetofThings #IoT #Video #Robotics #Technology #Innovation #Autonomous #VirtualReality #RT https://t.co/dqkNJO7qPb https://t.co/YtfdbHZPTQ
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6 medical self exams that could save your life - CNET
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This Brazilian #VR startup could help make #medical procedures easier via @TheEconomist | #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #DL #InternetofThings #IoT #Video #Robotics #Technology #Innovation #Autonomous #VirtualReality #RT https://t.co/dqkNJO7qPb https://t.co/88pNX3uaMV
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Microsoft and UCLA reveal cloud platform to use healthcare data for precision medicine
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It’s easier to donate your body to science than your medical records
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Lab-grown blood vessels could make dialysis easier