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The FDA rules just changed on COVID-10 monoclonal antibody treatments
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Pennsylvania Says Legal Medical Marijuana Means Cops Can't Just Sniff Their Way Into Warrantless Searches
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The FDA just changed the Moderna COVID booster rules
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FDA Expands COVID Boosters To Younger Children
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New drug recall issued: Stop taking these cold & flu medicines immediately
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Major drug recall: This company recalled every medicine it makes, so check your home
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FDA advisory panel endorses Merck’s COVID-19 pill, but it was a close vote
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Six Key Applications of #DataScience in #Healthcare 1. #Datadriven clinical decision making 2. Medical imaging 3. #Genomics and genetics 4. Drug discovery 5. Remote patient monitoring 6. Disease tracking and prevention https://bit.ly/3CJnobp #ArtificialIntelligence
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With #machinelearning we hope to accelerate the drug discovery cycle, design better molecules and ultimately get transformative medicines to patients faster. #reimaginingmedicine
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New Drug Class Reverses Paralysis in Mice
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Drug Price Negotiation Is A Second-Best Fix. Here's What Will Really Work
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Pfizer asks FDA to authorize COVID-19 booster shot for all adults
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Johns Hopkins study casts doubt on statins as COVID-19 treatment
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Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine gets FDA panel recommendation for young kids
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FDA authorizes two more COVID-19 boosters with mix-and-match strategy
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FDA panel recommends Moderna booster shot EUA for certain people
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NIH says common water pill shows promise as repurposed Alzheimer’s drug
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Experimental Alzheimer’s drug found to trigger fat burning without diet
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Cannabis ‘mother’ compound CBGA beats CBD at treating seizures
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Study finds common cancer drug reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms
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Federated Genomic data startup Lifebit raises $60M round led by Tiger Global
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If you take this popular prescription medicine, stop immediately and read this
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FDA authorizes COVID-19 booster shot, but only for some people
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Study warns synthetic cannabis alternative ‘spice’ has worse withdrawals
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Registrations are still open for the 1st episode of the molecule to medicine (M2M) - An overview of the drug discovery process. Register now - https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/2716317237000/WN_oZf9XRt4QbujZ6fVCNfhaQ #drugdiscovery #artificialintelligence #machinelearning
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#Genomics and #machinelearning will be crucial in identifying and analyzing health data in the coming years, creating the building blocks of precision medicine. Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn about the use of genomics in drug development: https://bit.ly/38UHO4A https://t.co/pWT1LyxNXa
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If you take this popular prescription medication, stop right now and call your doctor
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New York leads big coalition asking FDA to ban most vape liquid flavors
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FDA warns supplement sold on eBay contains banned weight loss drug
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RxAll grabs $3.15M to scale its drug checking and counterfeiting tech across Africa
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Pfizer recalls some Chantix products across US over possible cancer risk
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COVID-19 researchers utilize mathematical models and computer simulations
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Pfizer and Moderna near two major milestones as FDA fuels vaccine review
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Proud to be participating in the final #CAREresearch meeting. Presenting our results on genotypic prediction of tuberculosis drug resistance is @JHeyckendorf from @FZBorstel.🇪🇺🇷🇺 #CAREresearchHIVHepTB #MachineLearning #TuberculosisResearch #MedicalInformatics #PrecisionMedicine https://t.co/esZ11zSFVv
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"The white body and the male body have long been the norm in #medicine, guiding drug discovery, treatments and standards of care," said Londa Schiebinger, PhD. "It's important that we do not let #AI devices fall into that historical pattern." https://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2021/06/08/to-benefit-diverse-groups-ai-must-address-bias-researchers-say/ #DataScience
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FDA approves powerful appetite suppressant for obese adults
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AI in Early Drug Discovery Enabling Precision Medicine. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #JavaScript #ReactJS #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://bit.ly/3z70k63 @gp_pulipaka https://t.co/3VAzpdtOkL
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AI in Early Drug Discovery Enabling Precision Medicine. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #JavaScript #ReactJS #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode https://bit.ly/3z70k63 https://t.co/rGcDHzuwNU
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Autism diagnosis software gets FDA authorization
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After investigation, FDA says patient risk is low when it comes to MagSafe and iPhone pacemaker interference
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Popular thyroid drug recalled because the pills aren’t potent enough
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Pfizer may release an at-home COVID-19 treatment before the holidays
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Cerebras Systems today announced our collaboration with @AstraZeneca using Cerebras CS-1 to advance drug discovery – specifically training large-scale NLP models to enable rapid medical literature search on PubMed #AI #NLP #pharmatech #pharma #DL #datascience https://twitter.com/CerebrasSystems/status/1386710936891936772
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If you have this popular painkiller in your medicine cabinet, stop taking it now
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Vibrant raises $7.5M for a drug-free mechanical pill to treat constipation
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What links ML, lasers, and tiny gold-plated micro-bots? Answer: Smart medicines
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High blood pressure drug recalled because labels were mixed up
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Spironolactone recalled after mix-up puts wrong doses in dozens of bottles