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This new type of antidepressant drug was found to work in just 2 hours
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Nano-robot antibodies that fight cancer enter first human drug trial
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3D printing personalized meds are almost here, thanks to this Finnish startup
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This common pain relief drug causes people to take more risks, study says
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Revolutionary new snortable drug fixes irregular heartbeats in 30 minutes
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Over-the-counter hearing aids go on sale in the US
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Doctors may have found a secret weapon to fight cancer: Viagra
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Drug recall: These supplements are secretly hiding erectile dysfunction drugs
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New drug recall: 67 medicines might be contaminated – here’s the full list 
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Scientists demonstrate the effectiveness of this migraine drug for weight loss
@tech.eu 4 months ago
EU-backed healthcare project rolls out platform for federated learning in drug discovery
@UBCmedicine 4 months ago
How much faster can we identify potential lifesaving medications for #COVID19 and other diseases? Learn how Dr. Artem Cherkasov and his team at @UBC are supercharging drug development through #ArtificialIntelligence and #machinelearning. https://bit.ly/3upe1w4
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Supplement recall: These pills secretly contain an erectile dysfunction drug
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Urgent medicine recall: A serious dosage mistake can lead to overdose and death
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How Mark Cuban's New Drug Company Sells Medications With Huge Discounts - CNET
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Pain medicine recall: These pain pills have undeclared steroids, so check your bottles
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A celebrated AI has learned a new trick: How to do chemistry
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#Patterns article: #MachineLearning and network medicine approaches for drug repositioning for #COVID-19 @Patterns_CP @A_Paccanaro https://hubs.li/Q01dnzR80 https://t.co/Xb8ZL7bh48
@medical_xpress 5 months ago
A new #machinelearning-based approach to drug repurposing @LiebertOnline https://doi.org/gp9jqh https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-06-machine-learning-based-approach-drug-repurposing.html
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Congress is finally taking medical cybersecurity seriously
@WIRED 6 months ago
What's the must-have gear for going out this summer? Narcan! 2021 set a grim record with over 100,000 fatalities due to drug overdoses. As the weather warms and events return, it's more important than ever to carry potentially life-saving medications. : Getty https://t.co/0v296uHwT0
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The US is trying to fix medical devices’ big cybersecurity problem
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The First Drug-Releasing Contact Lens Is Here
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Google seeks FDA approval for Fitbit's passive heart rate monitoring tech
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Need A Doctor?Survey Shows 90% Want Help From Drug Makers https://www.forbes.com/sites/debgordon/2022/03/11/need-a-doctor-new-survey-shows-90-want-help-from-drug-makers/ #TechForGood #MWC22 #javascript #NLP #DataScience #Flutter #serverless #sensors #100DaysOfCode #python #Wearable #womenintech #publichealth #AI #femtech #tech #medicine #digitalhealth @sonu_monika
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Amazon Pharmacy partners with health plans for discount drugs
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Medication intelligence platform Synapse Medicine raises €25 million
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These 2 medicines are being pulled from store shelves, so beware
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The FDA rules just changed on COVID-10 monoclonal antibody treatments
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Pennsylvania Says Legal Medical Marijuana Means Cops Can't Just Sniff Their Way Into Warrantless Searches
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The FDA just changed the Moderna COVID booster rules
@slashgear.com 10 months ago
FDA Expands COVID Boosters To Younger Children
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New drug recall issued: Stop taking these cold & flu medicines immediately
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Major drug recall: This company recalled every medicine it makes, so check your home
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FDA advisory panel endorses Merck’s COVID-19 pill, but it was a close vote
@bobehayes 1 year ago
Six Key Applications of #DataScience in #Healthcare 1. #Datadriven clinical decision making 2. Medical imaging 3. #Genomics and genetics 4. Drug discovery 5. Remote patient monitoring 6. Disease tracking and prevention https://bit.ly/3CJnobp #ArtificialIntelligence
@Novartis 1 year ago
With #machinelearning we hope to accelerate the drug discovery cycle, design better molecules and ultimately get transformative medicines to patients faster. #reimaginingmedicine
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New Drug Class Reverses Paralysis in Mice
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Drug Price Negotiation Is A Second-Best Fix. Here's What Will Really Work
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Pfizer asks FDA to authorize COVID-19 booster shot for all adults
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Johns Hopkins study casts doubt on statins as COVID-19 treatment
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Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine gets FDA panel recommendation for young kids
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
FDA authorizes two more COVID-19 boosters with mix-and-match strategy
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
FDA panel recommends Moderna booster shot EUA for certain people
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NIH says common water pill shows promise as repurposed Alzheimer’s drug
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Experimental Alzheimer’s drug found to trigger fat burning without diet
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Cannabis ‘mother’ compound CBGA beats CBD at treating seizures
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Study finds common cancer drug reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms