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A view from the front lines: COVID-19’s lasting impact on the technology and science of healthcare
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#CES2021 Featured Speaker Dr. David Rhew (@drhew) Chief Medical Officer @Microsoft Public Health Innovation at Warp Speed https://bit.ly/2IPu0zd https://t.co/vZmrXHYQRB
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Our chief executive officer Lanny Sun & chief medical officer Dr. Humphrey Gardner look forward to participating in the #SVBLeerink Biopharma Private Company Connect event from 15-17 December 2020. #physics #platformtech #compchem #datascience #drugdiscovery #clinicaltrials https://t.co/nSKrtvI785
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Nearly all coronavirus transmission happens in these 5 places
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COVID-19 vaccine timeline reckons NFL 2021 season is “possible”
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Crucial COVID-19 advice: Ditch flimsy masks and get these $2 medical-grade masks instead
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Someone thought an OpenAI GPT-3 medical chatbot would be a good idea. It told a mock patient to kill themselves
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Researchers made an OpenAI GPT-3 medical chatbot as an experiment. It told a mock patient to kill themselves
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Dr. Fauci says there’s a big problem with Trump’s fast COVID-19 recovery
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Dr Tingting Zhu's research on automated labelling of biomedical data is one of best papers of 2019 in Sensor, Signal & Imaging Informatics category @IMIAtweets Yearbook of Medical Informatics https://eng.ox.ac.uk/news/dr-tingting-zhu-awarded-one-of-the-best-research-articles-published-in-2019/ #healthcare #machinelearning #biomedicalengineering @WIEOxford https://t.co/QRC21nWJpZ
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"HeartPAC FIT Perspective: Dr. Kyla Lara-Breitinger on #YouTube https://youtu.be/4ZYjfyXhKJI ThX @kylalaraMD #bigdata #AI #IoT #Tech #DATA #USA #Linux #UK #javaScript #dataScientist #dataScience #WomenWhoCode #Rstats #FemTech #100DaysOfcoDe #FRENCHtech #France #Medical #Scisnce
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Congratulations to Dr Adans-Dester and team on the newly published Nature Digital Medicine manuscript https://lnkd.in/dxmbWsH showing how #wearables and #MachineLearning are enabling #PrecisionMedicine rehabilitation in stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors. https://t.co/ouhX5bGbKR
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Last call for 2 great career opportunities at SVI: Dr @davisjmc, Head #Bioinformatics & Cellular #Genomics Lab - Postdoc Research Officer #MachineLearning for #MedicalImaging. Dr Wayne Crismani, Head #DNA Repair & #Recombination Lab - #Data scientist pos'n http://bit.ly/1JZ6JVf https://t.co/bji912e8ks
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Crista Galli Ventures, new fund from former NHS doctor, will put $65 million into early-stage healthtech startups
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MIT researchers show how 'Dr. Spot' could help diagnose COVID-19
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WHO: COVID-19 control possible with consistency and vigilance
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Telehealth got a huge boost from COVID-19. Now what?
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#JobOpportunity Dr Nikolaos Daskalakis' lab at the Center of Excellence in Depression and Anxiety Disorders @McLeanHospital Harvard Medical School is now seeking to fill a #postdoc position in #MachineLearning of stress and neuropsychiatric disease Info: https://www.nature.com/naturecareers/job/postdoctoral-position-in-machine-learning-of-stress-and-neuropsychiatric-disease-mclean-hospital-727755
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It’s Time for Dr. Phil to Take a Dose of His Own Medicine
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Top researcher believes an effective coronavirus treatment could arrive this year
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Do you want to learn about: ◦ Understanding brain organization? ◦ #MachineLearning for individual #prediction, #clinical translation & personalized #medicine? Then follow HBP Scientist Prof. Dr. Simon Eickhoff at @INM7_ISN! https://t.co/eNHn1WKe72
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Prof. Dr. Simon Eickhoff's work focuses on: ◦ Understanding brain organization ◦ #MachineLearning for individual prediction, #clinical translation & personalized #medicine All of which is highly relevant to the mission of the Human Brain Project. Follow him at @INM7_ISN https://t.co/vZe55zoiuU
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Coronavirus medicine remdesivir just got its most important endorsement yet
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Dr @Gabriel_Maicas' groundbreaking research into using #AI to beat cancer is featured in @TheLeadSA. #MedicalMachineLearning #MachineLearning @UniofAdelaide http://theleadsouthaustralia.com.au/industries/health-and-medical/using-artificial-intelligence-to-beat-cancer/
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Is telemedicine the future? Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Carbon Health, talked with WIRED's @nxthompson about potential bottlenecks to making telemedicine widely available. Watch the entire interview: https://wired.trib.al/M9lLpCq https://t.co/UQFcTlUu0T
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Join us for a Facebook Live today on the role of telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemic. In partnership with @Salesforce, WIRED's Nick Thompson and Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Carbon Health, will take your questions. https://wired.trib.al/9lFAiNn https://t.co/RkIwsdQuuW
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Join us for a special FB Live on the role of telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemic this Friday, 7am PT/10am ET. In partnership with @Salesforce, WIRED's EIC Nick Thompson and Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Carbon Health will take your questions. https://t.co/5dGZPt3qdp
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Sports could return this year: Streaming without fans
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What data tells us about first responders dealing with COVID-19 cases
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Quarantine times for COVID-19: Coronavirus report shows days to clear
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Digitally disrupting medical knowledge #SPABAH20 Dr. Ponsky questions how we stay current on medical knowledge when the doubling rate for medical publications is now 73 days (from 50yrs in 1950) #PedsAnes @PediAnesthesia @PedsAnesthesia can #AI #MachineLearning solve the problem?
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Congrats to Dr. @ndeneuter and his PhD on using #machinelearning to process #TCRseq , #RNAseq , and medical records to gain new insights into the human immune system! https://twitter.com/KrisLaukens/status/1230884837306793984
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SRF recently conducted a talk on "The New Era of #Research: Data Science in Health" by Dr. Rumi Chunara-renowned #datascientist and Assistant Professor at New York University. She spoke about the need for #data driven decision making and #deeplearning in #medicine. #datascience https://t.co/Sda3WbsOpg
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Mark your calendars for the next installment in the Health #DataScience and #AI Medicine Grand Rounds series featuring Dr. Juliessa Pavon and Dr. David Page with host Dr. Megan Clowse (@drbags71) on March 13th! https://t.co/V2ATyWN0f2
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iBEST Member Dr. April Khademi (@aprilkhademi) uses #bigdata to analyze medical images with the goal of improving outcomes for #breastcancer and #dementia patients. https://t.co/nymT1cwl5f
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Dr. #AI – ⁦@BoschGlobal⁩ facilitates medical diagnosis with #artificialintelligence. Edge-computing #machinelearning algorithms detect abnormalities in bio samples and thus support faster diagnosis and treatment. #BoschCES #HealthTech https://www.bosch-presse.de/pressportal/de/en/dr-ai-%E2%80%93-bosch-facilitates-medical-diagnosis-with-artificial-intelligence-205287.html#__prclt=ctnH8WiC
Heart doctor sues for patent infringement over lifesaving Apple Watch feature
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Portuguese medtech Tonic App raises €3.5 million and announces Dr. François Sarkozy as new chairman
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Dr. Lang (@robertomlang) discusses applications of AI in echocardiography during @WUSTLmed grand rounds. Artificial intelligence may revolutionize the way we practice medicine, increasing efficiency and allowing us to focus on pathology. #AI #MachineLearning #echofirst @ASE360 https://t.co/trRF8ahaQF
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#ICYMI Dr. Al Ozonoff from @BCHPedsID and Dr. Amir Kimia from Emergency Medicine are enhancing #PatientSafety surveillance using #NaturalLanguageProcessing and #MachineLearning at @BostonChildrens with grant support from @CRICOtweet and @AHRQNews. http://discoveries.childrenshospital.org/nlp-patient-safety/
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Tech Moves: Accolade names chief medical officer; Apptio hires marketing lead; Rigado has a new CEO
Scientists want to implant mini human brains in animals
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Data is revolutionizing every industry, especially healthcare. Dr. Christopher Morley of @Medivis_AR showed CES 2019 how the latest in AR and 5G are providing caregiver’s more comprehensive patient information through advanced medical imaging http://bit.ly/2Mbpwk4 https://t.co/4XGZE3Q3QW
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A.I. Enabled Healthcare, Potential & Challenges... @DeepMind_Health's Dr. @Alan_Karthi at Exponential Medicine on #AI and #MachineLearning being applied to diagnosis & therapy. http://bit.ly/AI-Enabled-Healthcare #xMed #BigData @ExponentialMed @SingularityU
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Dr. Mario World hits Android and iOS in July, here’s how it plays
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Excellent presentation by Prof. Dr. Heyo Kroemer @uniGoettingen on #DigitalHealth in Academic Medicine @ #charitesummit. #BigData #ethics https://t.co/p5iFzPGPzZ
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Cataract treatment inventor Dr. Patricia Smith dies at 76
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Pitching accuracy rates of over 99% for multiple cancer screens, Thrive launches with $110 million