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Apps to help quit smoking or cope with depression share data without full disclosure, finds AMA 1 year ago
Apps to help quit smoking or cope with depression share data without full disclosure, finds AMA
@kiranshaw 1 year ago
A Hyderabad-based #startup has designed an integrated #healthtech platform that can read medical data from health records, predict health risks and offer #personalized recommendations with the help of #AI and #datascience
@danyaljaveed 1 year ago
Keras 3D U-Net Convolution Neural Network (CNN) designed for medical image segmentation.#BigData #Fintech #Insurtech #Marketing #Datascience #ML #DL #Robotics #HealthTech #IoT #tech #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Serverless #Insurtech #martech #Digital #AI 2 years ago
Utah's state-funded study of pot's effects on pain delayed 2 years ago
Utah's state-funded study of pot's effects on pain delayed 2 years ago
A robotic astronaut named CIMON is on its way to the ISS 2 years ago
Walmart Patents System for Accessing Medical Records Stored on a Blockchain 2 years ago
Innovative wheelchair design isn’t for all wheelchair users 2 years ago
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Lyft Concierge, its ride-booking service for businesses, opens to all 2 years ago
Svelte Medical Systems Announces First Patient Enrolled in Pivotal OPTIMIZE Study
@Primary_Immune 2 years ago
These Medical Devices Have One Thing In Common - All Were Designed By Doctors and Nurses! #innovation #OpenScience #ITRTG #GlobalHealth #tech #technology #science #BigData #SNRTG #startup #nursing #startups #STEM #engineering 2 years ago
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Alphabet’s Verily offers a more serious take on health monitoring wearables with the Study Watch
@WIRED 3 years ago
The first fully designed and partially completed yeast genome brings science one step closer to synthetic life.