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“Is precision medicine an epistemological dead-end?” New viewpoint on the hype-reality gap. #AI #ML #Omics #Hype #BigData #Statistics #DataScience #3PMed https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landig/article/PIIS2589-7500(20)30200-4/fulltext
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Why tech didn’t save us from covid-19
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From unmovable boot screens to dead certs, neither are what you want to see in a hospital
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Doctors successfully brought a dead heart back to life
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THC cartridges linked to multiple deaths: Here’s how to vape loose-leaf instead
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Pig brain lives outside corpse after beheading
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How the Apple Watch changed the world
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Baby tooth stem cells could regrow kids' dental tissue
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The Latest: Funeral starts for girl declared dead twice
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
Mother: Caring for girl amid brain-death debate 'worth it'
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This virtual cadaver could help solve the medical shortage of dead bodies
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The making of System Shock 2's best level
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Meet the streamers using Twitch to pay for college
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Yep. BlackBerry is dead.
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The fear of premature burial is far from dead. (via OZY)
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RT @JoshRaby: Someone told Jill Stein that tweeting support for a dead ape would help her politically and she listened to that person
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"Innovation is dead!""Oh, we can 3D print working prosthetic ovaries now." https://twitter.com/futurism/status/768749817648386049
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RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Green Party's Jill Stein tied with dead gorilla Harambe and lost to 'Deez Nuts' in Texas poll http://www.chron.com/news/article/Green-Party-s-Jill-Stein-tied-with-dead-gorilla-9147853.php?cmpid=twitter-desktop
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Comedy legend Garry Shandling is dead at 66
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Why I play video games
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Known to be as long as 72 feet and as heavy as 350 pounds, with dinner plate-sized eyes, only around 1,000 confirmed giant squid specimens have been collected ...
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RT @JPBarlow: 6 weeks, 5 hospitals, 9 surgeries, platoons of medical personnel and 8 minutes dead as a hammer CODE BLUE DEAD! Yet! http://t.co/4TFf6VSxCY
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Fresh Funding For Augmedix Suggests Your Doctor Could Soon Be Wearing Google Glass
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Australian University 3D-prints body parts for med schools