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The 10 biggest Netflix movies in the world this week
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Forget credit card numbers. Medical records are the hottest items on the dark web https://bit.ly/3Cr3y7O #DataSecurity #Privacy #100DaysOfCode #CloudSecurity #MachineLearning #Phishing #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #CyberAttack #DataProtection #DataBreach #Hacked #Infosec https://t.co/MnpAnihNlR
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Withings ScanWatch Horizon integrates medical grade features
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FBI warns hospitals of 'increased and imminent' ransomware threat
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Uplifting scenes of coronavirus solidarity around the world - CNET
@cnet.com 4 years ago
Uplifting scenes of coronavirus solidarity around the world - CNET
@cnet.com 4 years ago
Uplifting scenes of coronavirus solidarity around the world - CNET
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“This is like having a hurricane hit every single city across the United States at the exact same time." https://wired.trib.al/Q3miNYS Cedric Dark, an ER doctor at the Baylor College of Medicine, describes to @DoctorYasmin what it's like to treat #Covid19. https://t.co/y7KFiSUnTC
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An ER Doctor Describes What It's Like to Treat Covid-19
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How glow-in-the-dark vampire bats are helping scientists solve a $50M problem
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The next global epidemic... ‘Sensoritis’ :-). @RanBalicer on the light side of the dark side of #AI and #BigData in medicine. #HHCAI2019 @HConf2019 https://t.co/2aEmrGbBYn
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AI reveals hidden objects in the dark
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Boston Tech Watch: Gradifi, Numerated, Jibo, Corvus, Botkeeper
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Withings returns at a dark time for wearables
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For decades doctors have been probing both ends of the gastrointestinal tract, trying to decode its dark and slimy terrains. But, thanks to these pill-sized ...
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Massiver Hack in Australiens Gesundheitssystem
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.@panasonic’s new tech will help cars see in the dark http://engt.co/2l1FotH via @engadget https://t.co/gHa26QTMvo
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RT @journodave: Facebook runs 'dark post' advertising and only those targeted can see them. https://medium.com/@MedicalReport/how-the-trump-campaign-built-an-identity-database-and-used-facebook-ads-to-win-the-election-4ff7d24269ac#.lzkzjs3ag https://t.co/vyMeM2wrXt
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NeuroSky helps patients with locked-in syndrome communicate
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Dark Matter is a blockbuster read that channels Michael Crichton
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RT @stuartpstevens: This is like when the doctor puts the X-Ray up on the light and says,"See these dark areas?" https://twitter.com/taniel/status/747612823476310016
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This cute dog is terrible at catching food, and that's all you need to know
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Healthcare’s Big Data Opportunity
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'Alien: Isolation' is the most terrifying game I've ever played
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The fate of Colorado's weed industry rests on these chocolate bars