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ODNI Report Shows Uncle Sam Buys Huge Troves Of Consumer Data From Brokers To Avoid Warrants, Trample The Law
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It's been a long way since the young boy I was, watching daily Science TV shows #CestPasSorcier, and today #MD in #MedicalGenetics & newly #PhD in #Bioinformatics and #MachineLearning ! https://t.co/enRm6jhFIA
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Latest #Coding News Siasat to organize seminar on ‘Medical Coding’ on Sunday - The Siasat Daily https://ift.tt/OnjaQDA #100DaysofCode #Programming #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #IoT #IIoT #PyTorch #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #GoLang #CloudCompu…
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Drinking Coffee Reduces Risk of Kidney Injury, Study Finds
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Daily Crunch: Russia fines Google $374M for ‘illegal content’ over its Ukraine invasion
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Save Up to 31% On Amazon Brand Daily Essentials for Your Home During Prime Day - CNET
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The First Drug-Releasing Contact Lens Is Here
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Researchers aim to cure HIV with a ‘fundamentally different’ method
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Researchers bring the sense of touch to robotic prosthetics
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Diabetes drug metformin recalled yet again: Why that matters
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FDA Green-Lights Roche Spinal Muscular Atrophy Drug, First Oral Therapy
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Neurocrine Gets FDA Nod for Once-Daily “Add-On” Parkinson’s Pill
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Coronavirus home-testing kits developed with funds from Bill Gates
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Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
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Tips for Puking in Microgravity and Staying Healthy in Space
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How artificial intelligence is transforming medical treatment - The New Daily Read more here: https://ift.tt/2Qexyh4 #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #IoT
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Another study warns drinking soda and energy drinks daily may be deadly
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How Blockchain Improves Daily Health Care Routine, Explained
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Safe alcohol limits just got torn up: Here’s the new advice
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A huge trove of medical records and prescriptions found exposed
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The last joke is Tide Pods
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A best friend, nurse, and caregiver all in one—meet 'Mabu'
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How one company learned to reinvent itself daily in the AI age
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Big data and AI look certain to transform medical profession - China Daily :: #BigData http://ift.tt/2vF9ZBP
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Can a Bluetooth-enabled pill cap help you remember your medicine?
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Good Guy tech companies foot the medical bill for heroic games journalist that stopped an assault
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The Zyrtec Alexa skill can identify your allergy
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Former child porn moderators claim Microsoft failed to treat their PTSD
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There's hope. (via The Daily Beast)
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The latest The Consumer Genetics Daily! http://paper.li/f-1463621492?edition_id=ca639760-901b-11e6-894d-0cc47a0d15fd Thanks to @ChrisMichaelW @NERight2Farm @postabit1 #ecommerce #bigdata
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10 daily apps to help caregivers take care of their loved ones
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The latest The Content4Chiros Daily! http://paper.li/drjmedulla?edition_id=ca2b3d40-545a-11e6-acd6-0cc47a0d1609 Thanks to @The_FJP @chiropractic #iot #bigdata
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This startup delivers HIV-prevention pills to your doorstep via an app
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IBM, Pfizer launch joint experiment to help measure Parkinson’s symptoms using IoT and analytics
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Alibaba’s healthcare unit invests $35M in a medical imaging company
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Apple announces CareKit to help patients monitor their health treatments
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This process would not only eliminate the need for perfect match donors, but it would dramatically reduce the chance of immunorejection. (via The Daily Beast)
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Hackers demand $3.4 million in Hollywood hospital data attack
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Funding Daily: ID Experts raises $5 million led by BlueShield Venture Partners
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London startup ‘Babylon’ thinks its AI doctor could predict your future health
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India’s On-Demand Delivery Startup Grofers Raises $120M Led By Softbank
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A comprehensive analysis of the use of psychedelics for anxiety, PTSD, and addiction shows serious medical potential for the drugs. (via The Daily Beast)
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Google using #BigData and machine learning to aid drug discovery Daily Magazine http://sco.lt/4r9jhR #health #medical
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HIV prevention trial in Africa is a dud
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Funding Daily: Digital map tools, medical imaging, and more from today’s tech funding news
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DHL drone will make deliveries to German island starting Friday
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Postmates launches a General Store for on-demand daily necessities
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Uber Corner Store Turns The Transit App Into A Delivery Service For Daily Staples